It feels like Christmas Eve as I write these lines today and finally make this site public. I had been stirring the pot for months wondering if I would ever have the time to write, or if what I wanted to say was even worth saying. Sometimes all you need is 20 minutes of ‘now what do I do’ to realize that there is time, there is plenty of time, and especially when it means writing about topics that I’m so passionate about. I welcome all of you to this new little adventure of mine. We’ll be talking about sustainability, healthy eating, activism and making changes in your own life that will no doubt resonate to others. We’ll be cooking A LOT and trying new things, stretching our ideas of what it means to eat mindfully and joyfully and always with mouthwatering and simple recipes you can do at home. We’ll be practicing some yoga and talking about wellness and health, both physical and emotional. We’ll be sharing stories, some will be happy, some will be sad, many will be funny. We’ll be sharing links, videos, recipes, menu ideas as well as a constant source of information and recommendations in the sections ‘I feel like reading’ and ‘I feel like watching’ (coming soon). We’ll get inspired with lovely stories of transformation and kindness. We’ll get our hands deep in mud in the garden and we’ll look at some beautiful photography together.

I hope you enjoy everything that’s brewing in this little green kettle and I encourage you to comment, share, and participate as much as you want to. I’m always right here on the other end and we can all learn something wonderful from other members of this little community in the making. You can read a bit more of what’s coming and about yours truly in our about section.

Put that kettle on, make some yummy yogi tea and lets get talkin’!

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