Vegan comfort foodsWhen I started thinking about this blog and its content, I was sure I wanted to keep it open to anyone who wanted to learn about healthy and sustainable eating, whether you were a long time vegan looking for new recipes, whether you were just starting out on the veggie path, or even if you weren’t ready to take the plunge but were curious to learn more about it and wanted to start eating more healthfully. I know I was a serious meat eater until I finally went cold turkey recently, and I know that the transition would have been pretty scary if someone was pushing me in one direction and at a speed I wasn’t ready to go at. Every single book and study that I read or documentary that I watched pushed me further and further down the veggie road and some of it was HARD to take in, but I did it at my own pace and in my own way until I simply jumped in the pool and have been swimming in it since.

That being said, there will be some posts with some beautiful and heart melting information, and some with things that might be difficult to read. This was the information that made me make the change and it is very important. These posts will usually be found in the Going Veggie category and will be there for you when you’re ready for them. If you want to dive right in and be informed, I wanted to create this post beforehand so that you don’t go absolutely bonkers thinking “I now have this information…what in the world am I going to eat?!”. Trust me, even if you go 100% veggie (and we will get to what that means really soon), you will be eating the most delicious and nutritious and varied diet EVER, period. Many of you don’t know me personally but I’m a huge foodie. I love to eat, I always have and I would never eat or recommend something that wasn’t absolutely delicious. We’ll talk about my journey (which is only just beginning!) really soon, but in the meantime, I want to talk about comfort.

Comfort food. This might mean different things to different people. When I decided to go veggie, the first things I thought of were my lifelong favorites, the things that had cheered me up as a child, warmed me up when I was sick and made me dance with excitement as an adult. Would I be able to eat all of my favorites if I went veggie? The answer, was HELL YES! Here’s a little list to tide you over and ease a bit of the stress if you’re thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

– Burgers, the all time American favorite (and a personal obsession of mine). Will I be able to eat that? Oh yeah!

Vegan comfort foods

– Pizza, both cheeseless and super cheesy (yet dairy free)? You bet!

Vegetarian pizza

– Lasagna? Absolutely (in fact it’s even better veggie style).

Vegan favorites

– One of my personal favorites, a German platter with sausages, potato salad and sauerkraut? I eat this almost every week, so YES!

Vegan German platter

– Sushi? (a personal addiction of mine) Sure!

Vegetarian blog

– Brunch with friends? Couldn’t live without it, so YES!

vegan brunch

– French fries? Guess what! These are already vegan!

– Hot dogs? YES!

– “Egg” salad sandwiches or “tuna” salad sandwiches? Oh yeah!

– Barbecue? Most definitely.

– Cakes, cookies and other sweet treats? What about chocolate (insert terror face here)?!  Definitely! and oh yeah baby!

– Spaghetti with a “meaty” sauce or a “creamy and cheesy” sauce? YES!

– Mac & “Cheese”? YES!

– Tacos? Fajitas? YES! and YES!

– Traditional holiday delights like pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy? You bet.

Are we going to cook these together in the Little Green Kettle? Yup! It’s a party!

What are some of your comfort foods? Care to share in the comments? Rest assured, if you’re on the veggie path, on your way there or simply hoping to make some more healthy choices, there are so many options you won’t know what to do with them all. My goal here is to help you through this, so I’ve got your back. I’m a work in progress too you know, I’m still learning and making mistakes so I hear ya! Tomorrow, we’ll start you off with one of these babies. And if you’re having a sushi craving, you can get a head start and make our yummy vegan temakis. Enjoy!

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