A day above the clouds

Galipan, a mountain town in Venezuela overlooking the oceanIf you’ve been following our tweets these past couple of weeks you probably know that the lack of posting was due to a very special trip I was taking, for an even more special reason. My hubby and I went back to Venezuela for the first time since moving to Spain 4 years ago, for the wedding of his little sister Gaby (not so little anymore!). Even though her actual sibling is my hubby, I have to admit I have stolen her and made her my own. Even more than a sister, she has been my closest friend for the past 13 years. You can imagine how excited I was to see her get married and be surrounded with friends and family in an all too familiar place.

This trip filled me up with mixed emotions, it made me overjoyed to see my hubby’s family and old friends, and especially to be in the wedding of these two love birds I adore so dearly! It made me nostalgic when driving past the old street where my hubby and I met, not to mention the tears that swelled up when we drove by our old house and saw the streets where we walked our doggies every day. I relived some of the happiest moments of my life as well as some of the saddest ones. The city seemed strange to me after living in Madrid. The trees were taller but the streets seemed smaller, everything seemed to be slightly off center from where I last left it. It was a very quick trip but so special, especially because of the magical place Gaby and her husband chose for the wedding. A beautiful stone house with flowing gardens in a tiny mountain town overlooking the city on one side, and the ocean on the other. Does that sound like a dream or what? What if I told you that this town, which goes by the name of Galipan, is where they grow all the flowers that are sold in the city? This place was unreal!

Hydrangeas in Galipan, Venezuela A mountain town covered with flowers Mountain Flowers

I have so many posts to write inspired by this trip, covering topics such as staying healthy while travelling, outsmarting jet lag, a very special running community I met, staying vegan while on the road, dealing with familiar cravings, family gatherings and your new vegan ways, you name it we’ve got it! Today, though, I just want to share pictures and tell you all about the magical time I spent in this mountain town next to my family and of course the gorgeous bride, who by the way, is a beautiful joyful vegan! Here she is, a gorgeous and happy bride, her dad on one side. Did I mention he’s also vegan and they’ve both become awesome advocates for veganism? More on him soon, but for now let me just say he was the proudest dad on the planet that day.The bride and her dad

The house we stayed at was so magical. On a clear morning you could see the ocean, and when the clouds came in, you were suddenly covered in a misty fog and could see a blanket of clouds lit by the sun below as we were reaching the sunset. La Plazita de Galipan Mountain and oceanClouds from above

The wedding decor was so special, the bride loves origami so the flower arrangements combined real ones from this amazing mountain town and paper flowers Gaby created herself. Wedding arrangements

There was so much green everywhere, and everyone was simply so excited to be in such a breathtaking place! Here comes the best part, not only were we blessed to take part in this beautiful wedding, but we were able to stay the night and get together for an amazing breakfast overlooking the sea the next morning and talk until we could talk no more. Breakfast in a beautiful mountain topIt was the perfect ending to our trip. The scenery was amazing and the food was top notch (I had vegan ‘arepas’ with black beans, coffee and peach juice…yum!), but what did it for me was watching my little sister in an utter state of happiness. She was stoically calm and so happy. It made my entire trip. I’ve seen every facet of her life since she was a teenager, but that morning I could see she had changed into this completely different person. Perhaps it was the excitement of the night before (or the champagne!), but I have a feeling that she’s simply in utter bliss because a completely new part of her life is starting. Suddenly she’s in front of a brand new little home with an old time love. Sounds like something that would make you smile for days. Here’s the beautiful bride in bright pink the morning after her big day, as we were getting together for breakfast. Then my hubby, father in law and I, enjoying the view. Finally you’ll see me and Charlie, one of the many dogs that lived in the house, immersed in a love fest.

IMG_4561 Breakfast with a view Little Green Kettle

As my little sis and her new hubby stroll the beaches of Ibiza and Mallorca (lucky guys!), we’re sitting at home reminiscing and looking at the photos, and I’m sharing some of my favorites with you of course!

You haven’t met my awesome mother in law yet (and trust me, she’s one of those amazing ones that broke the mold) she’s the beauty in red posing with my father in law, the happy couple and the groom’s dad. Wedding photos, mountain wedding I wouldn’t leave you without a shot of the three of us, we’ve taken so many pictures like these over the years, but I have a feeling we’ll definitely be remembering this day. Here’s my hubby, the beautiful bride and yours truly…wedding wedding photos

“My dearest Gaby, in case you read this upon your return, I’m so lucky you’re my little sis and I wish you the most fun, sweet and loving home from now until you’re both old and wrinkly!”

3 responses to “A day above the clouds

  1. You all are such a lovely family, Kim. The pictures are to die for (see?, I just died a little…). It must have been a wonderful day for the bride to have you by her side, you little bundle of sun! Again, Kim, I love the way your heart writes… and maybe I can be your little sis in a next life?

  2. Amazing post Kim, as always you make my heart dance around with emotions and feelings, you definitely have a gifted way to write. It is a shame I couldn’t see you guys. Love you very much, hope we can see each other again.

  3. Wow!!! I don’t deserve such kind and beautiful comments!! You guys are always soooo lovely! Corinna, three things: 1) you’re totally right, every single one of my in laws and their extended family are amazing, every last one of them. 2) Please don’t die! 3) You can be my little sister in this life! How about that? Although, you’re probably so much wiser than I am so maybe I should be YOUR little sister! Ceci, thank you soooo much for such beautiful words! Wow! I’m so so sorry we didn’t get a chance to see each other, we didn’t get the chance to see almost anyone because the trip was so short and we spent several days up in the mountains. I hope we get the chance again soon! Thanks lovely ladies for such amazing comments!

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