What’s for dinner?: Thursday

Hearty brown rice breakfast bowl: A week of vegan meal ideas

I can’t believe how this week is flying by! It’s been great fun documenting every meal for you this week, and I hope it has sparked up some creativity in the kitchen and opened your eyes a bit to a different way of cooking and preparing your meals. If you’re new to the ‘What’s for Dinner?” series, take a look at Monday, when we gave you some info on what you could expect for our little online food journal this week.


Breakfast was that wonderful and colorful bowl you see in the top photo. It’s what I like to call my “hearty leftover brown rice blueberry breakfast bowl”. All you need to do to make this baby is take some leftover brown rice (remember I always say you should make a big pot of whole grains for the week), heat it up a little bit, add chopped walnuts, chopped dates, two teaspoons of ground flaxseeds (for your omega 3s), sliced banana, some blueberries or any other kind of berry you like. Then you top that up with some warm plant based milk (today I used vanilla soy milk), a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drizzle of agave or maple syrup if you want it a little bit sweet. It’s an absolute nutritional powerhouse! Did I mention it’s delicious?


I had to run out the door early to teach, so I needed something simple and quick today. I boiled some gnocchi and topped them with a delicious homemade sauce I made by simply sautéing garlic and chopped canned tomatoes in a little olive oil, and adding some salt, pepper and fresh herbs from the garden. I realized I needed to add some green leafy veggies today, so I steamed some collard greens and then tossed them with some sweet corn, a tiny bit of vegan butter, some salt and garlic powder. The whole meal was ready in about 15 minutes and it was healthy and hearty all at the same time. It was exactly what I needed to get me through an afternoon of teaching.

A week of vegan meals for inspiration Incorporating more green leafy vegetables into your diet


Dinner today was a total treat. We had been craving a burger the past few days, so I made an amazing and juicy veggie burger with all the fixings: natural whole grain buns, a delicious store bought veggie patty (we have an enormous selection of veggie patties here in Spain. I think this one was spinach based, with other veggies, and grains), crispy iceberg lettuce, red onions, pickles, tomatoes, grilled mini portobello mushrooms and homemade crispy tofu bacon (tofu slices sautéed in olive oil with some maple syrup, liquid smoke and soy sauce). I served it with some potato and sweet potato oven fries and of course some ketchup, mustard and a tiny bit of vegan eggless mayonnaise. The whole thing was messy, comforting and delicious.

What's for dinner?: Thursday, Veggie burger with vegan tofu tamari bacon and all the fixings, potato and sweet potato oven fries

A little note on the ‘big meal of the day’ issue. Your traditions and schedule might ask for a different kind of meal arrangement. When I lived in New York, I remember having my big meal of the day at dinner time, while lunch was a simple sandwich or salad. In my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, the big meal of the day is always lunch, while dinner is a lighter fare. Here in Spain, there seems to be no end to scrumptious eating and both meals are equally important. I cook on a daily basis looking at what our hours are like, on whether or not we over induldged the day before or have a big dinner out planned. Sometimes it really depends on what’s in the fridge! If you find yourself looking at the meals in this week’s series and feel that it doesn’t go with the way you organize your meals, simply swap them around and look at them as individual components you can mix and match between each day. That being said, you should always have a good healthy breakfast, it really makes you start the day with energy and nutritious goodies flowing through your system, especially if you include whole grains and lots of produce.

Here’s our Thursday quick recap!







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