What’s for dinner?: Friday

Vegan breakfast: bread basket with hummus and a selection of preserves in our What's for dinner series: A week of vegan meal ideas

It’s Friday! We’re heading towards the end of this week’s special series in which you’re getting a first hand look at everything I eat. So far we’ve had some delicious pasta, awesome comfort food, hearty breakfasts and healthy snacks just to name a few. The weekend has arrived and with it our weekly tradition of having a Saturday or Sunday barbecue, so that’s probably going to happen tomorrow or Sunday for sure! If you’re just tuning in to this series, you can find the posts for the rest of the week in our home page or in the “Going Veggie” and “Healthy and Sustainable Eating” sections on the menu on the left.  Let’s get to today’s goodies…


One of my traditions before going vegan was going out to breakfast with my girlfriends. We would overdose on scrumptious bread, drink lots of creamy coffees and talk until they kicked us out because they were about to serve their lunch menu. After going vegan I was determined to keep this tradition alive even if it meant just having a piece of toast and some orange juice. Here’s how life surprises you sometimes, on my first outing for breakfast after going vegan, we went to our usual breakfast place and there were so many vegan options I couldn’t believe it! They had soy lattes and delicious breads, preserves that went from fig to strawberry to apricots and more, amazing Middle Eastern sides like a serving of tabbouleh, chickpea hummus or lentil hummus, babaganoush, amazing lemonades flavored with herbs. I could no longer eat my eggs benedict, but I was so thrilled with all the other goodies that I didn’t even notice! It’s still our favorite place to go to and the breakfast you’re seeing today (top photo) was an amazing bread basket I shared with my friend which had about six different kinds of bread, strawberry and orange jams, two delicious soy lattes and a side of hummus. My friend isn’t vegan so she had her usual eggs benedict and we were still able to enjoy breakfast together, carry on our lovely tradition and talk until they kicked us out.


Considering the fact that I had overdosed on bread earlier, I wanted a really light and fresh lunch, so I made a seaweed salad (not the commercial wakame, but with natural dehydrated seaweed) using a wakame, sea lettuce and nori mixed bag I get at my natural health food store. After I rehydrated and boiled the seaweed for a couple of minutes, I drained it really well and tossed it with carrots cut into matchsticks, lots of green onions, tomatoes, fresh cilantro, some rice vinegar, tamari soy sauce, a tiny bit of sesame oil and some spicy sriracha sauce. I served this along with my veggie spring rolls and the lunch was light, healthy and delicious. I shared what you see in the photo with my hubby, so no, I don’t have a bottomless stomach even though it might seem like it sometimes!

Veggie spring rolls for lunch in our special vegan online food journal series this week


I shared this awesome snack plate with my hubby as we were watching TV this afternoon. We decided to go all out since we were going to have a late dinner. We noshed on some kamut crackers, peanut butter and strawberry jam, some dates, a nectarine and a piece of vegan almond cheese. I’m not usually a huge fan of vegan cheeses but this one is creamy and delicious, especially on those crispy kamut crackers!

A week of healthy vegan meals and snacks


We had late dinner plans with friends at a restaurant last night because we were celebrating the fact that my husband finished his medical residency (go hubby!), and his coworkers from the hospital always plan a farewell dinner for the doctors that have finished. They chose a great restaurant which was not vegetarian by any means, and since it was a big group they had already selected the menu for the dinner and had sweetly selected a veggie option as well! We’ll talk about the social aspects of being vegan really soon because there’s so much to say, but I love seeing time and time again how great eating out with friends can be, in spite of sometimes being the only vegan in the room.

We started with what can only be described as the best salad I’ve had in years (sorry the photo doesn’t do it justice). It had baby field greens, mangoes, avocado, cherry tomatoes, figs and the most incredible vinaigrette which I still can’t wrap my head around but which I think had strawberry juice, balsamic vinegar and lemon. It was unbelievable. The second starter was a yummy potato dish. We were all sharing from one dish at the center of the table, and they served it with two eggs on top as it is a traditional dish here in Spain, but my friends let me grab some potatoes before they did the breaking of the eggs so that I could have mine vegan. They’re really so sweet. I had a glass of white wine with my starters and then some water with the rest of the meal. The main course was a pasta dish with spinach (similar to a lasagna), and after the meal was over we sat down at the bar to have a post dinner drink. It turned out they made these incredible non alcoholic concoctions and I ordered the best thing I had all night after that salad, a black and currant lemon black iced tea. It reminded me so much of a Russian black tea that you sweeten with black cherries or currants! Everyone wanted a sip of mine in spite of having they’re beautiful bellinis and mojitos in front of them, these were also very yummy as we all sampled their twists of traditional drinks. As you can tell, I completely forgot to take a photo of my main dish tonight with all the hustle and bustle, but I’m glad my two favorites are in here.

A week of vegan meals

la foto

A week of vegan meal ideas straight from a vegan table

Here’s our Friday quick recap!







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