What’s for dinner?: Saturday

Vegan breakfast: whole grain toast, strawberry jam, soy latte, Spanish melon, vegan cream cheese and almond cheese

Saturday is probably my favorite day of the week. I go to the farmer’s market and stock my kitchen with amazing food for the week. It’s also a very typical day for us to have a barbecue outside which is what you’re going to see in our food journal today. It’s still What’s for dinner week, and if you’re just joining us, I’m showcasing all my vegan treats and meals this week so you can get inspired and see how abundant a plant based diet can be. I’m so excited to show you the photos for today’s ‘What’s for dinner?’!


Since I went to my favorite breakfast spot and bakery yesterday, I treated myself to their yummy (and very expensive) whole grain bread with fruits nuts and seeds so that we could have a delicious breakfast at home the next day (plus hubby never gets to come with me on my girl time outings and completely misses out on the delicious breads). So today we had some slices of that heavenly loaf, some Spanish melon, strawberry jam (without additional sugars or sweeteners), vegan cream cheese (Tofutti is my favorite), some vegan almond cheese and an oat milk latte sweetened with agave. I love having breakfast outside which is where we had this amazing meal to start the day.

Vegan breakfast: whole grain toast, strawberry jam, soy latte, Spanish melon, vegan cream cheese and almond cheese Spanish melon


I told you! It was going to be a barbecue day all the way! We had corn on the cob with vegan butter, grilled asparagus and bell peppers, grilled smoky vegan chorizo, my holy moly guacamole, some grilled potatoes (I baked them in the oven for a bit beforehand, wrapped in foil, then I took them out of the foil and placed them on the grill with the other veggies. We also wrapped small onions with a little vegan butter in foil and placed them on the grill until they were completely caramelized and golden. Hubby made his awesome lemonade sweetened with agave and I made my mamma’s dessert for rescuing bananas that are about to go kaput. I’ll have the recipe up here soon, but basically it’s really ripe bananas sautéed in some vegan butter with some maple syrup or agave nectar, some brown sugar, cinnamon and topped with ice cream and berries. We had run out of vegan ice cream (it doesn’t normally last over a day around here!), but the berries were amazing and I added some chopped walnuts as well. I like to call this dessert ‘Jini went bananas’ (that was my mamma’s nickname, short for Jeannine), and it’s basically a take on bananas foster.




Bananas foster with berries and walnuts, in our vegan show and tell of everything I ate this week


There’s nothing like a movie night at home with your loved ones, including a gorgeous and sweet cocker spaniel curled up next to you, and a BIG bowl of popcorn on your lap. They had given me this strange natural litchi soft drink as a gift at my local health food store so I decided to try it. Carlos (hubby) kind of liked it but it was a bit too soft on the flavor side of things, at least for me. Doggie got a couple of popcorn kernels so she was excited.

Vegan snacks and ideas for vegan meals in our what's for dinner series


After the scrumptious barbecue and dessert, and a big bowl of popcorn late at night, I wasn’t really hungry at dinnertime, so we simply had the last two slices of that amazing bread with some natural peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Vegan snacks and ideas for vegan meals in our what's for dinner series

Here’s our Saturday quick recap!







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