What’s for dinner?: Sunday

Vegan pancakes with raspberries and maple syrup in a series called What's for dinner, a whole week of every single meal and snack a vegan eats

I can’t believe it’s the last day of our ‘What’s for dinner’ series! It was so much fun documenting everything for you, and I was so happy to have all of you over for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I wanted to show you so many other dishes that normally have a place at my table, my cooking and of course my eating went completely over the top in variety when I became vegan. I suddenly had to get more creative and step out of my comfort zone. The result was hundreds of new treats, recipes and flavor combinations. The options are quite literally endless, and when the rules we feel we have of  ‘what goes together’ go out the window, you’re left with a joyous relationship to food and cooking, and you’re of course on a direct path to gorgeous health and well being, not to mention how much you’re helping our planet and fellow beings. I thank you so much for stopping by my kitchen and taking a look! The online response this week was so incredible, that I’ve decided to invite you in for dinner more frequently! Yup! We will have our food journal week again, and hopefully many times to come. Let’s get to our last day of vegan goodies shall we?


Just as barbecues are a usual weekend tradition of ours, pancakes are also a weekend friend that comes over from time to time. I’ll have a recipe for these babies up soon, they were made with a combination of white flour and whole grain flour and they were so fluffy and delicious it was hard to have only three. Before you ask, yes, you can make a pancake as fluffy as you ever have, without the use of eggs or dairy. I topped them with some maple syrup, raspberries and a little vegan butter. Normally I serve them with some of my famous crispy tofu bacon but I was all out of tofu today, so we had them with a vegan sausage link (sorry it looks a little burnt!) and an almond milk latte with cinnamon.


One of my favorite discoveries in the vegan kitchen was the making of what I call veggie bowls. A perfect layered combination of whole foods in a bowl you could dig into. I make so many of these babies a week that our next weekly series will be our ‘veggie bowl bonanaza week’! Today’s bowl had whole grain millet, topped with my black bean ‘picadillo’ (recipe coming soon), then a layer of my homemade salsa and finally a dollop of my holy moly guacamole (left over from our barbecue yesterday). A bite of all the layers was like heaven on a fork. Dessert was a beautiful fruit salad with nectarines, plums, banana, blackberries and blueberries.

Vegan bowl: millet, black bean picadillo, salsa and guacamole in our What's for dinner series, a first hand look at everything a vegan eats in a week

Fruit salad + a whole week of vegan snacks and meals for inspiration


I was one of those freaky kids that at a very young age loved sushi and especially raw fish on its own. Blame it on my mamma who was obsessed with Japanese food. It was one of the things I thought I could never live without if I went vegan. Eating sushi with fish is incredibly delicious, however, when I got down to the nitty gritty I realized that the main part of what I loved about sushi was the feeling of a sushi roll in my mouth, the taste of the salty soy sauce and the chewiness of the nori seaweed. It was that feeling of sticking that roll of perfectly seasoned rice filled with creamy avocado and crispy scallions, it was the flavor of the sesame seeds, and simply the mouth feel and satisfaction of eating a perfect little round sushi roll. It was going back to my childhood and being across the table from my mom as we fought over the last piece. Sushi is still a regular part of my life even without the fish, and as long as I can have my veggie rolls with lots of soy sauce and other Japanese vegan goodies, I’m happy. So to finish this week, I deliberately chose to take you  to my local sushi restaurant as this was one of my personal excuses for not going vegan. As it turns out, there’s no missing out on great sushi either! In fact, more and more 100% vegan sushi restaurants are popping up all over the place, especially in the US.

We had some edamame, wakame seaweed salad and a couple of veggie rolls with carrots, avocado, wakame, scallions, cucumber and one of the rolls also had tofu in it which was delicious!

Vegan sushi in our week of showing you everything a vegan eats! Vegan sushi in our week of showing you everything a vegan eats!

You gotta have dessert!

I needed to share at least one rich dessert with you guys. One of the biggest myths surrounding vegan food is that you cannot satisfy your sweet tooth without the use of eggs and dairy when baking. I have to tell you that my desserts went from zero to hero when I started baking the vegan way. Not to mention the fact that recipes are so much easier to put together! Baking is all about chemistry, and there are plenty of alternatives to keeping that chemistry intact without the use of animal products. Perhaps it’s the anticipation and excitement of a delicious vegan cake or pastry, but for some strange reason, my cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies are miles away from what they used to be.  So earlier in the day I made my favorite recipe for vegan chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and we had it post sushi for a fantastic close to this week. I’m kind of a weirdo who likes berries on top of chocolate cake, but my hubby had his slice in a more traditional way, with a glass of cold vanilla soy milk. Don’t worry, I’m not cruel, I won’t give you this image of a fluffy chocolate cake and not give you the chance to make it right away… here’s the recipe! (The ingredient amounts appear at the end of the video).

The fluffiest most decadent vegan chocolate cake with chocolate frosting + a whole week of vegan meal ideas and recipes

Thank you so much for coming over for dinner this week! I hope all the dishes you saw this past week inspire you to shop, cook and eat in a healthier and more sustainable way. Remember every single adjustment you make is a step towards powerful change, and going all the way to a vegan diet can be a beautiful life changing thing. It has been, at least for me, one of the most joyous adventures of my life (and I’ve had many!). Happy vegan cooking everyone!

Here’s our Sunday quick recap!








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