Vegan spaguetti and 'meatballs'

A few weeks ago we had the ‘What’s for Dinner’ series taking front and center stage (you can find the complete series in the Going Veggie section), where you got to see everything I ate for every single meal, for one week. You know me! I love to show you and not only tell you about this amazing, healing and delicious food. The response to that series was unbelievable (you guys are the best!), so I decided and announced that What’s for Dinner would return to the blog every once in a while to give you more ideas and inspire you. Until the next edition however, I didn’t want to leave you high and dry, I know how a simple photo can give you an idea of what to make for lunch or dinner with the ingredients you have available, so Little Green Kettle opened an Instagram account! Yup! Our own little spot to post photos that you can check on your phone at any time, and where you get a seat at my table. You won’t see every meal every day like in the blog series, but you’ll definitely get a little dose of inspiration here and there.

Vegans on Instagram

That being said, you can check out our photos by searching for @littlegreenkettle on Instagram and clicking the follow button!

You know me, it won’t all be about a beautiful plate of veggie lasagna. You’ll get pictures of my ‘cooking assistant’ (more like sampling assistant) Nala, our sweet and funny cocker spaniel. You’ll be able to come with me to farmer’s markets, or go for a run, and of course the occasional glimpse into the lives of the ‘Little Green Kettlers’ as I like to call us. You’ll get to see what I’m reading and great recommendations, not to mention the photos and links to other wonderful recipes I’ve tried. It’s also a great way for you to leave me some comments or ask me any questions!

Come join the party! @littlegreenkettle on Instagram!

Little Green Kettle, a vegan blog filled with inspiration, menu ideas, scrumptious step  by step vegan recipes and conversations about wellness, health and our fellow beings

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!

Remember you can also find us on Facebook by searching for Little Green Kettle or clicking here. Once you’re there, you can click on the Like button if you wish to receive updates from us in your newsfeed.

You can also join us for a chat on twitter through @LittleGreenK where we share great links, videos, recommendations, photos, stories (very short ones!), meal ideas, special quotes for the day and where I absolutely LOVE  to hear from you!

Ah yes, Little Green Kettle has gone social ladies and gentlemen! Come join us and share with friends and family if you feel like it! I leave you with some more of my favorite pictures shared through Instagram so that you can get a little taste of them until you stop by.

Vegan Milk and Cookies

Roasted Veggies

Cocker Spaniel

Vegan pancakes

Little Green Kettle

Vegan baking


Crispy oil free potatoes

Little Green Kettle is now on Instagram! In the pic, pesto, greens and portobello pasta







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