Life at the Little Green Kettle

Rayen vegano

It’s been a while since I gave you a glimpse of what every day life is like at the LGK. I’ve been good at taking pictures lately, and since next week we’re going to be talking about cooking basics, I thought a rainy Sunday was the perfect day to share what’s been going on.

The past two weeks have been pretty great. I had my big once a year migraine (that part was not so great) and after days of having to work through the pain (and this includes teaching some pre teens, yikes!) and coming home straight to the darkness of our bedroom, it finally went away and I emerged. It made me think of how much we take health for granted. My first day with a clear head was like Christmas morning! Just a little reminder that taking care of ourselves is an ongoing job, not just something we pull out when we’re sick.

On that pretty amazing morning we decided to go into the city. I needed to get some prizes for my students, and we also needed to buy some yummy vegan treats at the big vegan store in town. While we were walking around, we realized we were in the vicinity of a new vegan restaurant we hadn’t tried yet, ‘Rayen Vegano’, and we decided to stop by for a bite. Let me just say that everything from the decor, to the sweet and cozy atmosphere, not to mention the delicious vegan food made us immediate loyal customers. The place is straight out of a movie set, and the service was excellent. Doggies are welcome, glorious vegan cakes and pastries are served, bread is baked there daily, and the daily menu was delicious!

Vegan restaurants in Madrid

We had a yummy salad with spinach, bulgur, walnuts and golden raisins, drizzled with the most delicious sweet dressing I still can’t wrap my head around. Then we had a yummy Sicilian eggplant which was to die for (sorry I don’t have a photo!). It was crispy and spicy but creamy and delicious inside. With their side of freshly baked and warm soy bread…yum! Dessert was a brownie with chocolate mousse and whipped cream, all vegan of course, and we couldn’t resist the banana and apple cake that was sitting in the counter so we took a slice home for dinner. Needless to say we’re going back, probably tonight after seeing the new Woody Allen movie. I can’t recommend this restaurant highly enough next time you’re in Madrid or if you live here. It was pure bliss!

We then headed out to buy some vegan cheeses and saw that someone had taken some yarn and created cozies for the city and the new winter weather. It was so sweet to see this, since the streets of Madrid have been full of trash for the past two weeks due to the garbage strike. This city always surprises you with a bit of love when you least expect it.

lavapies, madrid

The rest of the week was great, we went out to dinner at another one of our favorite vegan restaurants Loving Hut, and then to the Spanish premiere of Blackfish, a must see. The weekend took a turn to sad town when I finally sat down to watch Earthlings (read about that here), but I feel so grateful that I finally did so, as you can read in the post. We had a yummy barbecue on Sunday, a sunset that was basically on crack (the best one this year by far!) and by the end of a full work week we cooled off by going to the Arctic Monkeys’ concert in Madrid which was as awesome as ever, and then had a midnight vegan Mexican feast over vegan tacos, nachos and lots of guacamole. Nothing feels as naughty and comforting as Mexican food at midnight after a rock concert am I right?

grilling as a vegan

The yummy barbecue plate includes grilled tempeh with a homemade smoked apple barbecue sauce (will post the recipe when I’m done experimenting), my holy moly guacamole, grilled asparagus, a baked potato with vegan sour cream and green onions, tamari marinated and grilled shitake mushrooms, and some roasted garlic we smeared on top of the tempeh. Let’s not forget my usual dollop of sauerkraut, I’m putting it on everything these days.

pink sunset

Arctic Monkeys in Madrid 2013

Nala insisted she be in this weekend update, so here she is, taking a nap on her mamma’s pillow (which she insists belongs to her).

sleeping cocker spaniel

This week we’re going to go over some great cooking basics, so don’t go too far! Have a great Sunday everyone!









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