Vegan Side Effects Part 2!

Side effects of going vegan

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Happy Sunday everyone! Before we start talking about what brings us together today, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of our new followers and readers, this past week, my idol and favorite author and speaker Colleen Patrick Goudreau shared our little tribute to her with her readers, and the response that we’ve had has been beyond anything I could imagine! Hundreds and hundreds of readers stopped by our Little Green Kettle, shared posts, started following, sent me emails. Wow, I’m just so incredibly lucky! Thank you for all the support, it really keeps me going and excited to continue writing every little chance I get. I’m such a fan of Colleen that of course I needed to keep a little sweet reminder of the fact that she stopped by to pay us a visit, and with such a beautiful thing to say! Yikes! We just love her!

One of our most viewed posts in the entire blog is the one in which we discussed the side effects I experienced when going vegan in “What Happened Next: Vegan Side Effects“. It’s a post especially close to my heart and one that is read on a daily basis by our followers. I talked about the incredible things that started happening to my body, my mind and my spirit when I went vegan, and how I experienced none of the deprivation, or isolation I thought I would have to go through if I went vegan. It’s an absolute love fest detailing what happened a few weeks after making the change and I highly recommend you give it a read if you’re starting your veggie journey.

Since it’s always the post most looked at through search engines, this got me thinking. Perhaps some of those readers were in fact looking for what I call ‘the detox symptoms’. More specifically, the weird little physical things that happen to our bodies for a few weeks when you stop eating animals and become vegan. For you it might be a vegan side effect, for me, it’s simply part of the detox process, as all the animal based foods are leaving your body and you’re introducing a variety of plant foods into your diet.

side effects of a vegan diet

After a bit of research and with the symptoms I experienced, I created a little list of some of the things you might go through. I certainly did not experience all of them. Keep in mind that everybody is different, some people don’t experience any of these symptoms, some experience several, some experience them all. In any case, these symptoms are temporary, and I want you to know that it’s absolutely normal for our bodies to react in different ways to such a big change in our diet and lifestyle. The weird stuff goes away, and what will remain is the absolute bliss and wonderful permanent side effects I mentioned in our first post. In the first few weeks and even months, though, it can get a little bonkers. In many cases, the symptoms don’t come from the new diet in itself, but from your body getting rid of all of the toxins and leftover materials from the previous diet (did you know that meat can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to completely leave your system? Yikes!).

Tummy troubles including gas, very regular trips to the bathroom, and some tummy discomfort

By far I think this is one of the most common symptoms people experience, especially if their previous diet relied heavily on animal products and here’s why. Animal products contain absolutely no fiber (none!), plant based foods are so full of it, that the addition of high volumes of fiber can make your digestive system start working in ways it never has before. Fiber is a rockstar so don’t start skimping on the stuff after reading this. It is precisely the dietary fiber found only in plants that has been systematically linked to reduced risk of several cancers (one of which is of course colon cancer), diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and it’s the only substance that has been directly linked with sustained weight loss (the kind you lose and don’t gain back!). So while your body is back in business getting healthy processing all the new fiber, you might feel some tummy rumbling, gas, loose stools and very very regular trips to the bathroom. Make no mistake, this is your body getting healthy and also cleaning itself of the meat and dairy products. The discomfort will go away as your body gets trained, just as muscles stop hurting after a while when you’re training for a marathon or race. Some helpful tips for easing your way into it if the discomfort is too strong at first, is to favor cooked veggies and slowly start adding the raw veggies and big salads (cooked foods are slightly more digestible in the beginning), have some freshly pressed vegetable juices where some of the fiber has been removed, include potatoes (without the skin) and cooked pumpkin into your diet, and slowly incorporate beans as these are the most frequent culprits of some of the discomfort. You can follow our guide to cooking beans to reduce the gas causing sugars found in them, or try having canned beans, tofu or tempeh in the beginning while your body gets used to them. In my experience, some beans like black eyed peas and fresh edamame are great for sensitive tummies, and with both beans and fiber filled veggies, the more you eat, the more your body gets used to them, until you feel absolutely fine consuming these foods.

Fewer PMS symptoms

Both in regards to pain and in having lighter periods. Sounds good, right ladies?! You of course still need to get your period every month, but it’s quite normal to have lighter periods after you go vegan. Some women however, experience a very strong period during the first month as they’re getting rid of all the meat, and then go back to normal or experience the lighter symptoms.

The tongue coat: Reduction of cravings and an incredible change in your tastebuds

I talk a bit more about this in part 1, but after a few weeks on the new diet, your tastebuds are suddenly exposed to real foods again. Why do I say suddenly exposed? The consumption of animal products, and especially dairy, can create a type of thick coating on your tongue that prevents you from REALLY tasting your foods. I remember having a serious “What the….%^^” moment when 3 weeks into being vegan I tried a slice of tomato while I was cooking breakfast and felt my mouth exploding with flavor. There was nothing different about the tomato, it was the same one I had always bought, but trust me, it was a surreal experience and it happened again at every meal since then. The removal of that coating will also help you get rid of sweet cravings and reduce your desire for overly salty foods. You’ll be craving weird things you never did before like a juicy tangerine or a perfectly crunchy snow pea.

Possible weight loss

This is such an interesting and vast topic as it relates to veganism, that our next few posts are going to cover different aspects of the issue. The truth is, absolutely everyone is different. When I went vegan I was already at my normal weight and slim, but I did manage to lose a few extra pounds which made me feel lighter and great. But let me ask you something, what do you think happens on weeks in which I test out recipes for pecan pie and brownies for you guys? You guessed it! Losing weight will depend on what you eat. It is true that many people experience anything from a couple of pounds lost to hundreds of pounds lost, but it is also completely normal to maintain the weight you had previously. Don’t feel like a weirdo if you’ve been vegan for a while and haven’t become the stereotypical super slim yogi vegan. There are lots of myths surrounding weight loss and veganism which is why we’re dedicating quite a few posts to this topic right after this one. Having said all of this, statistically, vegans do have a lower body mass index compared to non vegans, and because most whole plant foods are nutrient rich and calorie poor, and a serious reduction of saturated fat happens when you go vegan, many people experience weight loss.

For me, going up or down on the scale depends on what I eat, I do have an easier time going down after indulgences than before though, probably because another side effect of going vegan is you develop a very accurate barometer for realizing what foods keep you in balance and which don’t. I have also experienced that even when maintaining my ideal weight, I eat lots more than I used to as a meat eater (which is great fun!). This is such a great tool for weight management if this is a concern of yours. More on this in the next few posts!

No more stinky sweats!

As odd as this might sound, many people experience a big change in the way their bodies smell after they go vegan. For some people this is evident on a day to day basis (some even experience a more fruity smell! Not kidding!), for some this is evident when they exercise or break a sweat. In the beginning of the animal foods detox though, some people experience a very strange body smell for a few days (cheesy hair or hands! yup, that stuff gets everywhere!).

The vegan glow, literally!

Due to the higher consumption of carotenoids (the antioxidants that make veggies and fruits orange), some people experience an actual orange glow. Not Jersey shore orange, afternoon at the beach orange! Hooray for that!

The first two weeks pimple attack and the six month pimple attack on steroids!

Although it is a well known fact that having clearer skin goes hand in hand with being vegan, this is not the case for everyone, and it certainly is not the case for some during the first couple of weeks. Just as if you were doing any detox program, your body goes nutty when it’s getting rid of harmful foods. Toxins are circulating like crazy (almost as if they knew they were going bye bye!) and this causes temporary breakouts in some new vegans.

Something crazy has happened to almost every single vegan I know (especially women) when they reach their 6 months as a vegan. You guessed it, an even worse pimple attack. For some this might be the last symptoms of detox (I mentioned meat can sometimes take 6 months to leave the body!), but in most cases, it has to do with the fact that you’ve been taking a B12 vitamin for the past few months (read this post to see why this is essential for vegans). Vitamin B12 or even a regular multivitamin can cause a specific type of breakout in the skin, and is easily treated with a special cleanser and cream for acne prone skin (consult a dermatologist for specific recommendations for your skin type). In most cases, as it was for me, this weird detox symptom simply goes away within a few weeks. Mine happened just before my sister in law’s wedding which is why the cream was a Godsend and completely cleared my skin right before the big day! After about three weeks the symptoms completely went away and haven’t returned. For others, if this becomes an ongoing issue, perhaps taking lower doses of B12 daily instead of higher doses on fewer days could help prevent breakouts. For some this is simply never an issue. In most cases, it simply goes away with no changes to the diet or supplementation. Just as a general rule, remember that refined sugar is the enemy when it comes to acne prone skin. If you have an ongoing problem with acne I highly recommend Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet“, especially cooking from her Superhero recipes.


Skin rashes are also a wacky symptom of detoxing from meat and dairy consumption. Don’t worry, they absolutely go away after a few weeks.

“But I’m so hungry!”

Some new veggies might experience that very soon after they eat they’re really really hungry again. This happens because although plant based foods are super nutritious and create lots of volume in the stomach, they are also lower in calories. If you’re eating a similar sized plate of food when compared to your meat eating days, it’s very likely you might be hungry shortly after due to the low amount of calories. For this, I’m again quoting Colleen Patrick Goudreau when I say that if this happens: “EAT MORE FOOD!”. If you now need to eat a bit more frequently or pile on some more goodies on your plate, go ahead. Don’t feel deprived. As long as you keep your diet as centred on whole foods as possible, it would be very difficult to overeat and be unhealthy if you need more food to stay satiated.

– ‘Jumping off the walls’ syndrome and sleeplessness

This is just another way of saying that most vegans, go from feeling sluggish, full, bloated and sleepy, to feeling light, energized and awake. So much so that in some cases people feel they need to start exercising more because they’re literally jumping off the walls! See why this change is so great? A diet that makes you WANT to move your booty? Sign me up! Sleeplessness can also accompany this detox symptom in the beginning, but you will soon be on your way to sounder sleep than ever before. To help with this, avoid eating or exercising late at night so that your body can truly rest during sleep.

The emotional side of things

Please remember, you’re facing a big change here, both related to your body’s response to a new diet and to your reaction to making changes that might seem radical to the people that surround you. You might have times when you feel discouraged, have strong emotional cravings, feel tired or sluggish, feel sad or shaky. Trust me when I tell you, the other side of the rainbow, which you will get to in no time at all, is going to change your life. You’ll experience all the actual side effects of this lifestyle change I talked about in the first post. You’ll be healthy, happy and you’ll have this new zest for life and renewed kindness to yourself and to all of our fellow creatures. While you get there, treat yourself with kindness, don’t punish yourself if you missed a step, simply dust yourself off and continue on your journey. Eat when you’re hungry, rest when you’re tired, choose whole foods and experiment with fun and exciting ways to prepare them, create vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods! Be patient with the weird detox symptoms (which for me never even compared to the good side effects I was experiencing) and you’ll be there.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or send me an email! Remember I’m here with you every step of the way! Again, thanks for stopping by!


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29 responses to “Vegan Side Effects Part 2!

  1. Oh Kim, it really is a very interesting blog! I have been reading the Vegan Side Effects part 2 ( a bit late, I know, jejej 🙂 ) and the first thing that has come to my mind is that, all those effects you (and Colleen Patrick.Goudreau in some way) are mentioning here is exactly the way I have been feeling most of my life since the vegetarian-vegan diet is that I have been following since I was a child in reality. So , I understand perfectly when you talk about not hankering after sweets or feeling fit, for example…

    To be continued… 🙂

    • Hi Mercedes! I know! It’s the super transformation we go through when making such a big change. It’s just magical! Thank you so much for the lovely comments about the blog!

  2. I too, am a huge fan of CPG! I’ve been vegan, about 90%, for about 6 months now. The emotional side of the animals cruelty is taking a toll on me, so I don’t feel good. I feel achy all the time, like I have a hangover. I will stick with it, nothing would make me go back to my former eating habits. I do enjoy the food and haven’t had any problems adjusting in that way.

    • Hi Belle! So sorry for the late reply but as you’ll see in the next few posts, we’ve been traveling in Greece! (Lots of pictures and vegan Greek food coming soon). Thank you so much for your comment. Isn’t CPG the best?! I can’t congratulate you enough for going vegan, no matter how long it takes you to go all the way, the fact that you’re moving in that direction is making such a HUGE difference for the animals, the planet and your health to boot! How cool is that?! Keep up the good work! We can’t wait to hear more about your progress so feel free to stop by anytime and tell us about it or ask any questions you might have! You’re doing great…

  3. Hello Kim,
    I read carefully your article because I have a serious acne problem. I turned to a vegetarian in September 2013 and to a vegan since 1/1/2014. And since then a have a real pimple attack and I really do not know how to threat it. The reason is why I do not take enough B12? My blood tests showed that I have enough quantities yet. What do you suggest me to do?

    • Hello Poly! First of all I´m so sorry it took me so long to answer you. As you’ll see in our next few posts we were in Greece! Regarding your acne problem,I’d first like to say that I’m not a doctor or a dietitian, so all I can do is tell you what happened to me and guide you to the resources that helped me figure out what was going on. I had the same issue when I went vegan and it had to do my supplementation of B12. I was taking two large doses of B12 per week. After reading some books on the subject (which I will recommend below), I tried taking daily, smaller doses and my acne problem completely went away. So I went from taking two large doses twice a week, to smaller daily doses of B12. Please remember that correct supplementation of vitamin B12 (no matter what the blood test tells you) is essential for vegans. So that you can determine what is the right dose for you, I recommend the book ‘Vegan For Her’ by Virgina Messina and JL Fields. You may also want to read ‘Vegan For Life’ by Jack Norris and Virgina Messina. The first book, written specially for women is the one that helped me determine the perfect low daily dose of B12 that was appropriate for me. A visit to the dermatologist will also help with giving you some skin treatments to help with the acne you already have. Tell the doctor you’ve been taking vitamins (if this is the case) and he or she will know exactly what cleanser and treatment to prescribe. I hope this helped a little! Here’s another interesting website on the matter of supplementation: It includes a chart with the different B12 recommendations. Thanks for stopping by! Let us know how it goes and congratulations on going vegan! It’s completely awesome!!

      • Dear Kim, thank you for your reply! I am from Greece, so I can’t wait to see the recipes that we will post! I went to a dermatologist and he gave me a anti-bacterial therapy with pills and a cream for the scars.. He told me that it does not have to do with the foods that I consume. It is about the sadden change of the diet and my body was shocked. It is like stress results with herpes. I will do the therapy for 2 months and we will see!
        Your “Little Green Kettle” is amazing!!! Keep on posting!! 🙂

    • Poly! I just read your follow up comment below! I’m so glad you found a solution with the help of your doctor. I went through the same thing so I can definitely relate. Thanks for the great comments! Lots of great new things are coming to the blog soon. Thanks for keeping me posted!

    • Hi Suzie, that’s a tough question, and it really varies from person to person. The more you eat veggies and beans, the more your body gets used to them and the gas lessens over time. As for the frequent trips to the bathroom, vegans normally have more movements than non vegans and it’s precisely what keeps your bowel and you so healthy! However, if you’re going very very frequently or if your stool is very loose, this should subside. If it doesn’t after a while, perhaps consult your doctor in case there are any other issues going on. However in the beginning it’s pretty common. Also, if your problem with gas is when you eat beans or other legumes, some people find that eating lentils or canned beans in the beginning helps a bit, or start adding them to your diet slowly. Also, fermented legumes such as tofu or tempeh shouldn’t cause any discomfort. Detoxing from your previous diet can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months from what I’ve experienced and read, but definitely consult your doctor if anything is feeling off or if you have persistent diarrhea. Frequent trips to the bathroom are very common, as is gas in the beginning, but diarrhea lasting more than a few days or a week is not what I’ve experienced. How long have you been vegan? Is there anything specific that is bringing on the tummy troubles?

  4. hi kim, i have been higj carb, low fat raw til 4 vegan (the right way this time) for about 2 months. i have lost weight, but now am gaining again. my tummy looks pregnant. its crazy im relatively fit, but am seeming to soften. i am really struggling, and am dealing with recovering from an evil ED. i am trying to do everything right, but i feel like 2 months is too long. especially when ive been a vegan for almost a year. i just ate little, and only high protein/fat/sodium, andall that fun stuff.
    thank you.

    • Hi Aurora! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I would love to guide you towards an amazing resource that might be able to personally guide you through some of your specific health concerns. Since you´ve been vegan for a while and are only now noticing these issues, I think the best thing is to discuss them with an RD or doctor and mention specifically what you’ve changed in your diet, especially if you´re in recovery from an ED. I would love to recommend one of my go to sources of nutritional info, ¨The Plant Based Dietitian¨ Julieanna Hever M.S., R.D, C.P.T. She offers consultations via Skype from wherever you are, starting at just 25$ which is a great price for getting completely personalized help and advice. Let her know about your issues and that you’re recovering from an ED. I´m sure you´ll find her incredibly helpful. (I´m not affiliated with her in any way, I´m just a huge follower of her work and she has top notch credentials). Here’s the services section of her website: You’ll find it where it says coaching on demand. I hope this helps and let me know how it goes if you decide to consult with her. She’s amazing!

  5. Hello Kim,
    I have been a vegan for only 3 weeks now … I have been getting headaches… Lately!! Is this normal detox?

    • Hi Sky! So sorry for the delay in replying! We’ve been running around like crazy preparing the move of the blog which happens on Monday to! First of all, congrats on going vegan. How are you feeling so far besides the headaches? I’m sure that if the headaches coincided with the diet change it could be related but I always recommend seeing your doctor if the symptoms persist (or even better a doctor who knows about vegan diets since most have no idea). I am not a doctor or nutritionist so I always recommend going to a specialist if these symptoms concern you. Are you better from the headaches now? I know many foods are associated with headaches like chocolate, wine, etc., and eating too few calories of course can also affect this. Consult your doctor, and make sure you’re eating enough. Please keep us posted!

  6. Hello, I’m so glad I found this page! I turned vegan 2 weeks ago and have been feeling almost all of these side effects, rash on face, pimples, tummy rumbles, ridiculously frequent trips to the bathroom, headaches have just started a little bit and also cheesy hands ha! I was getting bit disheartened by them all. Now I know it is all completely normal I will persist!

    • Hi Jasper!! Yes! It’s all normal! Your body will soon stabilize and you’ll start learning what foods agree with you the best while you’re transitioning, and then you’ll be able to enjoy them all! Beans especially take a little time getting used to especially if you didn’t eat them regularly before. Keep at it! You’re doing great! Just in case you’re interested, although I always answer questions from past blog posts like this one, this blog has moved to so make sure to check it out if you’d like! I’ll be writing a follow up post on vegan side effects there really soon. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Hello! I really enjoyed your article! I just began a vegan diet about two weeks ago. I feel like I have come so far already but I have been having some headaches and fatigue! Which has gotten me a bit discouraged. I don’t want to give up being vegan of course. I just was worried I might be doing something wrong.

    • Hi Gaby! Yay and congrats on going vegan! That’s amazing! Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. Headaches and fatigue are normal when you make a big change from any diet to a new one, they could also be signs that you’re eating too few calories and perhaps you’re getting hungrier faster? If this is the case feel free to eat more. Let your hunger signals guide you with this, if you’re hungry, eat. This might help with your headaches and fatigue, and of course you should do some blood work every once in a while to make sure your iron levels are ok. I struggle with this a bit since my iron absorption has always been so so (even before I went vegan), so I take a supplement when I see that my numbers are on the lower side just for a while until the levels are back where they should be. Do this of course with your doctor. However I don’t think in two weeks this is likely to be the case, you might just need more vegan yummies. Make sure you’re getting enough food and calories since vegetables, beans, whole grains and fruits can be lower in calories than what you ate before (which is also a good thing!). I hope this helps, I’m always a fan of regular check ups and blood work too, most of the time you get the most amazing health markers! Just in case you’re interested, this blog has moved to where I’ll be writing a follow up vegan side effects post really soon. Feel free to stop by and say hi! We have much more frequent posts and recipes there 🙂 Hope your journey continues to be a great one!

  8. Great blog. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad I found this page. It is my 60th day today as an alkaline vegan and I have experienced two stages of the se effects already.

    The first time was 7days into veganism and the second one started on the 57th day. I’m currently experiencing most of the symptoms you have listed there. I was beginning to worry especially the red rash that appeared and a cycle less than 2weeks apart after a long delay of almost 3weeks; previously after starting the journey. I have benefited greatly from this journey including my skin, weight, mental clarity, soulness and emotions. I was worried that something had gone wrong. The mucus discharge has come back with force. I will hold on and let my body heal completely. Thank you again

    • You are so welcome! I’m glad you’ve been experiencing some wonderful symptoms too. If any of the uncomfortable symptoms continue, make sure to consult with your doctor or with a plant based nutritionist. We’ve moved this blog over to (which is why it took me a while to reply to your comment… so sorry about that!). In the new blog we discuss many of these issues and we have great resources to help you along, so feel free to stop by and pay us a visit! I hope your journey keeps getting better and better and that these symptoms subside.

  9. Hey, amazing article and really comforting! I went vegan about 3 and a half weeks ago and literally until today I have been fine. I suddenly have been having the worst bloating and stomach issues..i.e going to the loo every half an hour that I have ever experienced. I am partly thinking it is the excess fiber I am eating suddenly? or just my body adjusting? I just hope it doesn’t last too long haha!

    • Hi Zoe! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing stomach issues. If indeed you’re going to the bathroom every 30 minutes you might want to take a look at some of the foods you’re eating and seeing if any of them might be causing these issues. Although frequency of bathroom trips does go up considerably with the extra fiber you eat as a vegan, every 30 minutes is a lot! If it persists, consult your doctor in case you’re going through any food sensitivities or have another condition. Congrats on making such a huge and amazing change! It has changed my life in so many ways I can’t even tell you.
      Just in case you haven’t read here in the blog, we’ve moved it over to where we have a ton more posts including more on this topic. I’d love to chat more and give you any support you might need, so head on over if you feel like it 🙂 Good luck in your first few weeks and months as a vegan!

  10. I was a vegetarian for 3 months I tried becoming a vegan but I couldn’t resist the urge of eating cheese and yogurt because most of the dishes I eat have cheese and yogurt but I do want to become a vegan and I need help with what to eat.
    P.S your blog is very helpful and also I am 12 years old

    • Hi Dina!

      Oh my gosh! You have no idea how much I loved your comment! Good for you for going vegetarian at just 12 years old! You are amazing! I wish I had had that lightbulb moment in my life so early on. You will rock at it, I’m sure. I can feel how determined you are and this is always half the battle. I know how hard it can feel to give up cheese and dairy in general. The first thing I can tell you is that if you have a health food store nearby (and more and more in supermarkets these days), there are now SO many dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, milks and even ice cream that you can buy. Do you live in the US and in a city that has vegan options in stores? Have your parents supported your decision to go vegetarian and perhaps vegan? Having them on board can really help you find and try some of these products, and if you like to cook there are so many recipes for vegan cheeses you can make at home too. And countless recipes for delicious traditional dishes that require no dairy at all.

      But I understand that at your age, you might have certain limitations as to what you can buy, or what is served at school. Do the best you can Dina, and just put one step in front of the other and don’t be too hard on yourself if you ate something you feel you shouldn’t have. You’ll soon be well on your way, and there are more and more options to choose from at the supermarket or cook at home these days. For example, a great substitute for parmesan cheese if you love pasta is to simply grind almonds and some sea salt in a food processor. This will give you that delicious fatty, salty feeling that cheese provides. There are so many little tricks like these you can use.

      Let me know how things are going ok? And just as a side note, we’ve moved this blog over to where we have a ton more new content every week and also lots of recipes all in video that you can try out. Feel free to leave us as many comments there as you’d like. I answer much faster there and I’d love to be there for you for support. Have a great day and my hat’s off to you for being such a brave awesome person!

  11. Hi there,

    I have been vegan for 7 months, and I’ve just reached the pimples galore month! My face is breaking out like crazy! I’m also losing a ton of hair, to the point of showing bald spots! I’m getting super discouraged. Is there something I should be adding??

    • Hi Ashley, sorry for the delay in replying, I usually get an email when I get a new comment and your question got caught in the SPAM filter. I do hope things are better by now. If possible, let me know how you’re doing now with these issues. I’ve written a more updated post on this topic in our new blog ( (Another reason it took me a long time to reply is that we’ve moved our blog over to In regards to the acne, what worked for me was reducing my vitamin B12 to smaller daily doses (as explained in the new post), rather than a larger dose once a week. If the problem still persists after that, I would get some blood work done to check your hormone levels. Our hormones can get altered whenever we make changes to our diet, so it’s always a good idea to check if things are ok. Hormonal issues might also explain the hair loss, but hair loss can also be a common side effect of eating too little. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, or have reduced your calories significantly this could also explain it. Make sure you’re eating a well-balanced vegan diet and that you’re eating enough calories (this is so important). Making sure you’re eating enough high iron and high zinc foods (or supplementing when needed) can also help with hair loss. Definitely check with your doctor if any of these problems persist 🙂 Hope this helps! And again… so so sorry for the delay! Check out our new blog and feel free to ask any questions there. I reply asap!

  12. Very happy to find your post! I was just wondering if it is normal that I can’t sleep at night and that I probably produce more methane the past few days than a poor cow. This last symptom got much better by today. So I just patiently wait for sleeplessness to go away too 🙂 Thank You!!

    • Thanks Anikó! Haha! Yes, the gas is completely normal and it’s due to the new, high intake of fiber you’re getting (which is a great thing!). Your stomach will soon get used to the new foods, and if beans or other legumes are the most problematic, try adding them in slowly, soaking them overnight before cooking them and chewing these, or any other foods, really well. This will aid in digestion, but the biggest help will come once these are a regular part of your diet and you get used to them. Adding a bit of kombu seaweed or coriander seeds when you’re cooking beans has been reported to help with gas (according to some). As to your lack of sleep, I do remember experiencing some extra restless energy in the beginning, but it soon passed. Try to engage in relaxing activities before bed and see if it helps, and watch your intake of caffeinated beverages in the afternoon as well. I can tell you that by going vegan I became much more sensitive to caffeine and alcohol, so I’ve since had to switch to decaf in the afternoon. I hope this helps and good luck with everything! PS: I have an updated version of this post here: and we’ve now moved the blog to in case you’re interested in following us there. Have a great day and hope you can get some shut eye tonight! 🙂

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