Happy Birthday Little Green Kettle!

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Guess what?! Our Little Green Kettle blog has turned 1! Yup! That means we’ve been by your side for one year, giving you tons of vegan recipes, tips and resources for venturing out into your own little veggie road, posts on getting active and discovering yourself through yoga and meditation, stories from the animal world and the human world, and so much more. It also means that you have blessed us for one year with your amazing online presence! I still can’t believe all the support we’ve had and from such remote corners of the world! That’s the beauty of this online age we’re living in. I can’t thank you enough for being here, it means the world. Coincidentally… or maybe magically… this birthday post is also our 100th post! That’s right! Lucky number 100 and sweet number 1 (birthday that is!).

Ok, it’s time for a confession. Our birthday isn’t today, it was actually on Saturday, March 22nd, but as luck would have it, we completely and utterly forgot! That’s right! Our birthday came and went in the blink of a eye, but as magical as things are when it comes to this blog, it turns out we had been celebrating without even noticing.

Here’s how we spent our first birthday.

First, our usual Saturday trip to the farmer’s market where I saw these cuties…

Vegan blog

Next stop was some quiet time at home. I was sorting out seeds for our veggie garden and getting our next post ready, while my hubby and Nala were playing in the terrace with her toy burro. It got incredibly windy and I had to put away the seeds until the following morning, but I still stayed outside next to my two loves planning the veggie patch and looking up at the clear sky. Incredibly, without knowing what that day was, I took a picture of that moment of total relaxation and sunny skies.

IMG_2106 Little Green Kettle vegan blog

I had bought a beautiful pumpkin at the farmer’s market so lunch was the most delicious bowl of pumpkin soup and warm whole grain and seed bread with a little vegan butter. A little almond “parm” tops the soup (just almonds and sea salt ground up in a food processor)

Vegan blog

Even nuttier was the fact that for dinner, we had decided to go to our favorite restaurant in Madrid Rayen Vegano, to have some of their incredible food. We’re regulars here so they treat us like kings, and we love sitting around and talking to the owners. Without knowing it, they were a part of our celebration and I couldn’t have picked a better place for our blog to turn 1. The food was amazing! I had never tried their dinner salads before and when I asked what was in it that night I just had to get it. It was without a doubt one of the best salads I’ve had in my life! Yowza! It was just a salad and I cannot tell you how those flavors popped. I had it with a side of their homemade bread topped with guacamole, and Carlos had their super famous lentil and beet burger which was as yummy as always.

restaurantes veganos en Madrid restaurantes veganos en Madrid Rayen Vegano, the best vegan restaurant in Madrid, Spain

Yes, of course we had cake. Our unkown-birthday cake was delicious! Banana cake topped with their famous chocolate icing. Then some tea to linger in that special place for a bit longer.

Vegan banana and chocolate cake

We finished the evening at the concert of our friend Jaime and his band Las Ruinas, who had come all the way from Barcelona for the gig.

Las Ruinas

All in all, a great birthday in spite of us being completely unaware of the fact that it was taking place.

To celebrate our first birthday as a blog, we’re of course taking you along for the ride. Aside from the amazing goodies and posts I have planned for all of you this year, next week we’ll be celebrating together with our most famous and most visited series “What’s for Dinner?“! That’s right, for a whole week, you’ll be able to see every little morsel of vegan food that crosses our lips with our daily posts including photos, descriptions, links to recipes and basic preparation ideas. Does that sound yummy or what? Our first edition of What’s for Dinner is still our most visited, and many of you were asking when the next edition would be, so what a better way to celebrate a birthday than with lots of vegan food?

The other little surprise I have for you and a massive Little Green Kettle celebration is that very soon, we’re going on a little trip… TO GREECE! Yup! We will be exploring Greece on the hunt for delicious vegan treats, some zen time near the ocean and of course some yoga by the famous white and blue cliffs at sunset (my yoga mat is the first thing I’m packing). Can you say yay?! You’ll be coming along of course as we once again venture out into the world of traveling as a vegan and everything that entails and posting all about this historical and magical place. Are we celebrating this birthday like we’re supposed to or what?

Before we wrap up this celebratory love fest, there are two awesome people, and one non human I have to thank. One is of course my amazing hubby Carlos for being my recipe tester, for encouraging me and giving me ideas, for designing everything from graphics to new ways to eat brownies, for pushing me to keep on going even when time seems to be non existent, and just for being my favorite person ever!

The second person I need to thank for her fantastic help this year is our super talented and wise mental health and meditation expert Verena Kacinskis for collaborating with us! In case you haven’t met her yet, she is our contributing writer with such posts as The Art of Living the Four Seasons, Traveling Without Moving, Setting Forth, Glass of Water and many others. We love having you at the Kettle Ve! Thank you so much!

I said one non human, and of course I mean our little Nala. For looking into my eyes every morning and making me remember that I’m doing this for all the little wise and kind eyed beauties that aren’t as lucky as she is.

Stay tuned for more this week, this month and hopefully for many years to come. I can’t thank you enough for making our time at the Kettle so special!







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