What’s for Dinner?: Sunday

Vegan meal plans

It’s that time of the year again! We’ve just turned 1, and as promised, today we’re starting our vegan meal showdown week! In case you’re new to our What’s For Dinner series, you’re in for a treat! For one entire week, I will be posting daily, showing you every single little vegan thing I eat. The idea behind this is that you can use it as your own source of inspiration when you’re not sure what to fill your plate with. The biggest misconception I’ve encountered as a vegan so far is that vegan diets are boring and restrictive, instead of the wonderful abundant feasts that they really can be when you take the usual suspects out of your diet (meat, dairy and eggs).

In this edition we’re also adding something new. From now on you’ll be able to access all our What’s For Dinner weeks and posts from our Home page, since we’re making it a section in our menu bar! So now whenever you need a little dose of inspiration you can simply go to our What’s for Dinner section and browse our posts until you find something that looks yummy. Remember you can also join us on Instagram by following us @littlegreenkettle! Let’s get to it shall we?


We’re starting this week on a Sunday because Sunday is usually a day for vegan pancakes at our house! Yup! As a vegan you can have your pancakes and eat ’em too! It’s the photo on the top and this time I topped them with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, a tiny bit of vegan butter and of course, lots of maple syrup! I had it with a soy latte on the side with agave nectar. So yummy!


Lunch was a really yummy treat. Normally we use veggie meats sparingly and focus on getting as many whole foods as possible, but when you’re craving texture, some of these can be really yummy. We had a skewer made with ‘no beef tips’ (made out of soy), some scallions and leeks, smothered in a heavenly Chinese barbecue sauce I made. The flavor was EXACTLY like what some restaurants serve as Mongolian beef. I served it with some coleslaw and oven baked fries on the side.

Vegan 'no beef tip' skewers with coleslaw and fries, plus a whole week of vegan meal ideas


A yummy plate with a quinoa pilaf (leftovers from the week!), which had sun dried tomatoes, cumin, lemon juice, mushrooms and onions with extra lemon for squeezing on the side. We also had some steamed asparagus with salt and pepper and the freshest, most delicious tomato and parsley salad made with tomato wedges, smashed garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Daily vegan meal ideas

Here’s our Sunday quick recap!

That was our Sunday! See you tomorrow for some more vegan eats!







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