What’s for Dinner?: Wednesday

All natural cereal bowl with berries, bananas, walnuts, ground flaxseeds, bran sticks and bran flakes, topped with your favorite plant based milk

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re mid way through the week, and it’s a special week for us since as you probably know if you’ve been following the last few posts. It’s ‘What’s for Dinner’ week at the Little Green Kettle! That means that for this entire week I’m posting daily with photos of every little morsel of vegan food I eat. I hope that it may help you in getting some ideas for what to make for your meals. Browse our previous installments, as well as the past few days here, and let’s get to today!


Today in Madrid we’re having the rainiest day ever! Normally on rainy days I have a craving for vegan grilled cheese sandwiches and a hot cup of coffee, but today I wanted something quick and easy because I had a ton of stuff to do. Whenever I want something quick but still healthy, I have a bowl of cereal I learned to make thanks to Rip Esselstyn’s film The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. I know what I’m about to say is blasphemous to so many of you, but I was never a cereal fan before going vegan. It was only after watching this movie and seeing the way Rip gave a bowl of cereal an out of this world makeover, that I truly fell in love with it. The key is getting rid of commercial cereals which have a ton of sugar, and giving natural cereals a sweet boost by adding fruit. Top that off with crunchy texture provided by nuts and seeds and you’ve got a bowl of cereal that means business! I change the toppings every time I make it, but today I used, bran flakes, bran sticks and some granola, and topped it with bananas, strawberries, blackberries, walnuts, ground flaxseeds and some rice milk fortified with calcium for an extra boost. Ditch commercial cereals and make your own delicious blends!


For lunch I made a super fresh tabbouleh salad made with bulgur wheat, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, tons of parsley and lemon juice, and I served it as a side to a warm pita pocket stuffed with homemade hummus, sliced tomatoes and falafel rounds. It was incredible! Super filling but light at the same time.

Falafel and hummus pita pocket with a side of fresh tabbouleh salad, a whole week of vegan meal ideas Vegan pita pocket with hummus and falafel


Since you’re getting a glimpse of my day to day, eventually the day was going to come in which I had to do some recipe testing! That was the case today with the last testing of my chocolate chip cookie recipe which will be up on the blog next week! I had one of them still warm from the oven, and a glass of very cold calcium fortified rice milk. How can I eat just one cookie you might ask? The secret will be posted along with the recipe next week!

Ideas for vegan snacks


Wednesday is a packed day for me, so tonight we decided to head out to our local Italian restaurant and have some vegan pizza. Our local restaurant is nothing close to vegan, but we have a huge variety of options when we ask for our pizzas with no cheese and ask for lots of toppings. The first time I asked for a pizza with no cheese I was expecting the entire restaurant to go silent and a baby to start crying somewhere. Guess what? It didn’t! The waiter said “great!” and we had two cheeseless pizzas in front of us that were so delicious we couldn’t believe it. Today I had mine with red onions, sun dried tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, along with an iced tea. My secret ingredient when eating cheeseless pizza? A drizzle of olive oil over the top. So decadent and delicious! Want more ideas for your own pizza party? Click here.

Vegan meal plans for a week vegan blog


Here’s our Wednesday quick recap!

I’ll see you tomorrow for some more vegan eats!







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