What’s for Dinner?: Thursday

A whole week of vegan breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas!

It’s day 5 of ‘What’s for Dinner?’! In case you’re just joining us today, this week we’ve been on a special little mission, publishing daily posts to show you photos and descriptions of every little vegan thing we eat. Take a look at past editions of this series here, and continue joining us for the rest of the week until we wrap up our little online vegan food journal! Let’s get to today’s yummies…


I think talking about the grilled cheese sandwiches yesterday made me crave them this morning. It could have also been the fact that I got my birthday presents from Mr. hubby early (B-day is on Saturday!), and one of them was this amazing new coffee maker! It has the little foam and milk heater on the side that hisses, and I couldn’t wait to make a frothy decaf latte this morning. I quit caffeine months ago, so my little latte on the top was decaf with some super delicious and frothy calcium fortified soy milk, agave nectar and cinnamon. It was delicious! Creamy coffee always makes me crave grilled cheese sandwiches, so that’s the end of the story. I was a huge grilled cheese junkie before I went vegan, and fortunately thanks to all the wonderful vegan cheeses out there, I can still indulge in this guilty pleasure of mine. Today I used two slices of whole grain bread and a mixture of Vegusto vegan cheese (Dezent flavor), Cheezly (Hard Italian flavor), and of course, the best part of any vegan grilled cheese sandwich, a generous sprinkle of nutritional yeast, then I grill until melted and browned.

Vegan grilled cheese sandwiches: A whole week of vegan breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas!


I’ve mentioned my love of leftovers, and today I took advantage of two: the fresh tabbouleh from yesterday, and the guacamole from two nights ago! The rest was basically some improvisation to use up the veggies I had in the fridge. I made the crunchiest salad with sautéed snow peas, tomatoes, edamame, strawberries, and carrots. The dressing was so creamy and delicious, I blended soaked cashews, lots of cilantro, lemon juice, a bit of agave and some sriracha sauce. I also baked a sweet potato in foil in the oven, halved it, and topped it with the guacamole.

One week of vegan meal ideas Cashew cilantro lime dressing on a snow pea salad


I couldn’t resist. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been recipe testing, so I just had to have another one of my chocolate chip cookies (recipe coming next week). I had it with half a cup of calcium fortified soy milk.

A whole week of vegan meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Dinner tonight was both fun to make and eat, not to mention amazing! We had a total homemade Chinese treat of fried rice (I don’t really fry it but I love the name!) with vegetables and sweet and sour tofu cubes. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know by now that I LOVE tofu. Today I marinated it in maple syrup, liquid smoke, sriracha sauce and soy sauce and then grilled it. The rice was made with basmati rice, carrots, green onions, red onions, mushrooms, snow peas, broccoli, garlic, peppers and ginger. I drizzled some extra sriracha on top and served some sweet chili sauce on the side. I could have eaten this baby all night! I’ll have the recipe for you soon. In the meantime you can check out our guide to making a basic veggie stir fry. For dessert I had a cup of herbal tea with agave, but I forgot to take a picture!

Vegan stir fry


Here’s our Thursday quick recap!

I’ll see you tomorrow for some more vegan eats!







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