What’s for Dinner?: Friday

A whole week of vegan meal ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner

We’re almost at the end of our ‘What’s for Dinner?’ week! Today is the sixth day in which we’ve been sharing photos of every little vegan thing we eat, in the hopes that you might draw inspiration from our kitchen and our choices, and as always to debunk the very erroneous myth that vegan diets are restrictive and boring! They’re anything but, as you’ll see below and in our previous installments of this series here. Tomorrow will be our last day, and we’re going out with a bang! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m going to share all the vegan yummies I plan on eating. Until then, we still have today to gobble up! Here are today’s yummies.


Today I had another one of my Rip Esselstyn inspired cereal bowls (top photo). I learned to love cereal when I saw all the goodies he added in his film The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. It was then and there that I learned we had to toss commercial sugar laden cereals to the curb and make our own mixes and add fruit, nuts and seeds for an absolute powerhouse breakfast. Today’s bowl had some granola, uncooked oats, bran sticks, bran flakes, walnuts, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and some calcium fortified rice milk (my favorite for cereal!).


Lunch today was a total treat. Once again you caught me recipe testing this week, which means that in the next week or two not only will you be able to make my chocolate chip cookie recipe, but also vegan mac and cheese! Did you ever think anything as non vegan as this dish could be easily turned vegan? I love my recipe because it does not use any processed vegan cheeses (although there’s no problem in eating them every now and then). I wanted my recipe as based on whole foods as I could possibly make it, and I’ll be posting it in the blog in the next few days. Today I added broccoli (a must for eating mac and cheese at my house, plus it’s a great source of calcium), and I topped it with panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and got it nice and crispy in the oven. So comforting, creamy and delicious!

A whole week of vegan meal ideas for breakfast lunch and dinnerVegan mac and cheese! Plus a whole week of vegan meal ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner


Tonight we had this delicious Mediterranean style whole grain couscous dish with roasted vegetables and chickpeas, tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and some vinegar, with a side of fresh avocado and cucumbers. Based on a dish that means a lot to me, the recipe and the story will be up in the blog soon! Hubby made some delicious extra frothy decaf lattes in our new coffee machine for dessert. We’re also about to sit down for a movie, so I must warn you that popcorn is probably a given. You’ll have to wait until our next post to find out if we had it or not!

Vegan Mediterranean couscous with avocado and chickpeas, plus a whole week of vegan meal ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner A whole week of vegan breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas


Here’s our Friday quick recap!


I’ll see you tomorrow with some more vegan eats!









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