Vegan Travel: Mykonos, Greece Part 1

Vegan food options in Greece

Hi everyone, thank you so much for joining us again for our third post in our Vegan Travel series (here is part 1 and part 2 in Santorini), where we tell you all about our most recent trip to Greece! The idea behind this new series is to give you a glimpse into our little traveling adventures as vegans, and all the goodies you can find along the way. We went to Santorini together in parts 1 and 2, today we arrive in Mykonos, an absolute feast for the eyes!

The morning we set sail from Santorini to Mykonos (no actual sail but we did go by water in a ferry), we got up early, packed our bags and had our last breakfast in our wonderful hotel kitchen. If you’ve read part 1 of our time in Santorini you know I highly recommend getting a hotel with a kitchen and/or getting your own breakfast items at the little markets all around the island, or finding a hotel that includes a breakfast buffet, since vegan options for breakfast are scarce at restaurants. We had an amazing last breakfast with some toast and orange and strawberry preserves, black and green olive tapenades and some more of those wonderful Kataifi sweets (a typical Greek dessert made with phyllo and almonds we bought at the market which happened to be vegan!). We went on our last drive across the island to the port, and got on our ferry to Santorini. The ferry ride was easy as pie, but some Dramamine 30 minutes before boarding is recommended.

The first thing we saw in Mykonos, was our beautiful hotel room at the wonderful Hermes Hotel (more details at the end). Will you look at our view? Since the first thing I packed in my suitcase was my yoga mat, this happened to be my view during my Mykonos yoga sessions!

Traveling tips for vegans

We left our bags and ventured out to look for a place to eat. Meet the lovely Mykonos everyone!

Mykonos, Greece

We decided to stop by the first group of restaurants we saw in the bay near the water, which ended up being a huge mistake and our only real fluke during the entire trip. We later learned from experience that the restaurants inside the little streets of Mykonos were much better and had so many more options.

The restaurant we chose wasn’t completely bad per se, in fact the view was beautiful, but we did have a little problem in the vegan department. Since we had arrived to Mykonos as 4 spoiled vegan Santorini travelers, where almost all vegetarian dishes were completely vegan and if not the cream and cheese ingredients were stated on the menu, we were in for a little surprise. I was ok since I asked for the grilled vegetable platter and some bread, but my hubby and father in law asked for a pasta dish with vegetables that even had a picture and seemed exactly like the incredible pastas we had in Santorini, but when it arrived it was doused in cream. The waiter said we didn’t ask if it had cream which was true, so they didn’t want to change it for them. So they ended up sharing some of my veggies and some potatoes we had also ordered to start.  The waiter then apologized profusely, and was very nice about the whole thing, and even had a little conversation inside with hubby about veganism and all the health benefits of it, which was very sweet. Lessons learned today: when in Mykonos, ask if anything has dairy even if it appears to be totally vegetarian, and venture into the little streets of Santorini which have many more options for vegans as we would learn in the next few days.

Vegan travelVegan dishes in Greece

Vegan travel tips

After lunch, we continued walking along the bay and looking at this beautiful island filled with color contrasts.

Tips for traveling as a vegan

Traveling as a vegan

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this girl looking at the waves. It transmitted the feeling of being there so perfectly!

How to travel as a vegan

We finally reached Little Venice, the part of Mykonos that everyone recommended we go to, and for good reason. The restaurants and bars are completely over the water, so you can have your lunch with the waves crashing against you (don’t worry you don’t get wet). As we were approaching Little Venice, we kept getting these glimpses of the sea when restaurants or houses had their doors open. It was unbelievably beautiful.

Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece Traveling to Greece as a vegan

Here it is folks, the beautiful Little Venice in Mykonos.

Vegan friendly options in Mykonos  Greek Islands

Here’s Mr. Hubby taking it all in.

Vegan travel

And I love this photo I took of my father in law!

Vegan food in Greece


Vegan food options in Greece

Mykonos, Greece

We just loved Little Venice and decided to come back here for dinner later that day. We continued walking and finally reached the little streets of Mykonos where there are hundreds of amazing restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops that go from high-end boutiques to little Mykonos souvenir spots.

Vegan options in Mykonos  Colors of Greece IMG_1199

We went back to the hotel to watch the sunset from our little balconies, and it was also time for my first ‘yoga with a view’.

Travel tips for vegans going to Greece

Room with a view

My in-laws had the next room and balcony in the hotel, so I managed to take a shot of my mother in law smiling while she relaxed and watched the sun come down. I love this picture of her!

IMG_1211 Sunset in Mykonos IMG_1223

A few hours later we were off to dinner in Little Venice. It was so cold and windy that we couldn’t eat outside unfortunately, but I still stepped out for a second to get this photo for you. I had to use a flash which I hate to do, but here they are, the waves crashing against your restaurant of choice.


We chose this restaurant because it had lots of meze options, which are little tapa style dishes you can put together and share with some bread. Sadly most of the pictures didn’t turn out even remotely usable, but I can certainly describe our wonderful dinner for you!

We all shared some delicious Greek bread, the best eggplant salad we ate during our trip (make sure to ask for the version without mayonnaise as most restaurants have both options), a yummy Greek salad without the feta cheese, my beloved fava (yellow split pea puree topped with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, onions and olive oil) and the lovely stuffed grape leaves you see below. This was a new edition to our vegan repertoire and I soon became obsessed with them! All they had inside was rice and a mind-blowing combination of spices, and they were served with lemon slices or vinegar to drizzle over them.  I became so obsessed that as you will see in our next post, I ate like 8 of them for breakfast the following morning! The only little setback we had here is that one of the dishes we ordered was a bruschetta that was described in the menu as having basil and tomatoes (what’s not to like right?). As soon as I took my first bite I felt something cheesy in the basil sauce that covered it. I asked the waitress if they had any cheese in them and she said, “no! only parmigianno”, which was very funny! So I had to skip out on those and my mother in law who isn’t vegan had all of our bruschetta pieces. Again, lesson learned for the second time… ask if there is any dairy in your dishes just to make sure. Other than that it was such a superb meal that I almost ordered a second helping of the eggplant salad, which was so much like the one my mother used to make that it almost made me cry! Especially since it was kind of a sentimental day for me as you’ll see below.

Vegan dining in GreeceVegan dishes in Mykonos

After dinner it was getting cold and my in-laws decided to call it a night. Since Mykonos is famous for its night life we wanted to check out what all the fuss was about, and I wanted to have a drink to mark that evening, since that day was the 11th anniversary of my mom’s passing, and hubby and I always do a little something to toast in her honor. Boy she would have loved to have been there drinking with us and walking down the little streets of Mykonos. Cheers mom! We miss you so much!

IMG_1242  Traveling as a vegan to Greece

Hubby had a caipirinha and I had a lichee martini (the girliest and best drink I’ve had in a long time!). We talked and listened to music and had such an amazing time that night.


We’re saying good night for now, but part 2 is coming sooner than you think and you’ll get to see the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, and the best two vegan meals we had on the island! Stay tuned!

Hotel and Recommended Restaurants

– Hermes Hotel (4 stars, incredible accommodations and service! Well worth the price).

– Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant (the restaurant in Little Venice where we had the meze dishes for dinner, including the delicious stuffed grape leaves and eggplant salad).

– I can’t remember the name of the bar where we had the awesome drinks, but it’s right in front of the Louis Vuitton pop up store in Mykonos and has a beautiful big terrace and a lichee martini on the menu!



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