Rockstar Series Presents: Victoria Moran

Honoring Victoria Moran

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a while since we featured another one of our vegan rockstars. The wonderful people who color these posts have no idea how much they are a part of our lives. They are constantly being mentioned in our household, usually in the following way: “but  -insert name here- says that we should do it this way!”. My husband knows them all by their first names thanks to my constant quoting. These vegan powerhouses are nothing short of little vegan superheroes in my book, and in our house, superheroes always come in the form of rockstars.

Since we’re kind of talking about the name I chose for this series in the blog, you may have noticed that something is a little different in the title of today’s post. In the past we were numbering the posts (Rockstar #1: Alicia Silverstone, or rockstar number #2: Colleen Patrick Goudreau), but last night I was thinking that one day we’ll be at number 27, or 52, and that in no way is number 52 anything less than a number one rockstar in my book! So, to keep things clear when it comes to the greatness of these wonderful people, Little Green Kettle is now giving you “Rockstar Series Presents”, and today’s honoree is nothing short of remarkable. We’re talking about the utterly beautiful and bright, educator, author, activist and speaker, Victoria Moran.

Mainstreet Vegan

I first found out about Victoria when I was searching for vegan podcasts on iTunes, and stumbled upon her online radio show Mainstreet Vegan. As I listened, I realized she had also written a book by the same name and immediately purchased it. To say I fell in love with Victoria’s work is a complete understatement. Pretty soon I was watching all her talks on veganism (links to the videos at the end of this post), making some of the wonderful recipes in her book, listening to her weekly podcast while I cooked, and diving into the world of Victoria head on. Her wonderful podcast Mainstreet Vegan, is a superb resource to keep you on your toes with everything regarding the current world of veganism and animals rights. Her wonderful guests on the show will explain everything from the ethical aspects of being vegan, to how to make wonderful recipes, and it has a great focus on health and eating the best way possible for your body and spiritual wellbeing, which is a wonderful aspect of the show. Her podcast is available every single week and is hosted by Unity Online Radio, which offers a wide range of radio shows that go hand in hand with the teachings of the Christian Unitarian Church. However, since people from many different religious denominations are probably reading this, although many of the shows in this station might be religious in nature, Victoria’s show is for everyone. It is done in a beautiful format and you’ll be immediately transported with her wonderful way with words and experience. Victoria has been a vegan for over 30 years! Yes, that’s long before you could get vegan cream cheese on your bagel or a vegan doughnut with your latte.

Mainstreet vegan review

After listening to her podcast, I bought her amazing book by the same name “Mainstreet Vegan“, co-written with her daughter Adair Moran (a lifelong vegan), and I devoured it in about two days. It was choc full of everything you need to know as a vegan, from how to travel and eat out at restaurants, to recipes, to how to answer the difficult questions us vegans are constantly faced with. She has this very simple and concise way of writing that makes this book a resource you’ll be going back to again and again. The title of the book, which has an interesting story involving filmmaker Michael Moore which you can hear in our video links below, is meant to do what her book was designed to do, speak to the everyday man or woman, living anywhere from New York City to the smallest of towns. Victoria’s mission is to try to get veganism to the masses, and her book is great at accomplishing just that. Want another excuse to buy it? Veg News magazine called her book the vegan bible! The book has 40  short chapters with a recipe at the end of each one to tie everything together. And boy are they yummy!

So far I have tried the following:

– Chickpea curry

– ‘Make juice not war’ green juice

– Three bean quinoa salad

– The best chocolate mousse I’ve ever had, period!

– Other recipes include, mac and cheese casserole, pot pies, lasagna, chocolate cake, stew, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, you name it, she’s got it! All comforting and all made with easy to find, whole food ingredients. Of course, it is the wisdom inside the main content of the book that will make you feel confident in your choices as a vegan, or will hold your hand as you take your first steps into this lifestyle.

Of course it’s her book and podcast Mainstreet Vegan which have more to do with what we usually talk about in this space, but just in case you weren’t impressed enough with Victoria, she is currently in the process of writing her twelfth book. You heard me! Number 12! When I heard this, it of course meant I needed to go back to amazon and do some more shopping, and that’s how I found ‘Fit from Within, a book you’ve heard me rave about in some of our weightloss and veganism posts. To me, ‘Fit from Within’ is a must read for anyone struggling with weight issues. You will not believe it by looking at her now, but Victoria struggled with obesity and compulsive overeating for most of her early life. Both ‘Fit from Within’ and another book of hers I’m dying to get ‘The Love Powered Diet’ give you incredible tools that exclude dieting to finally get a grip on maintaining a healthy weight. She has written everything from being fit and healthy to books on spirituality, veganism, and even getting your finances in order. I know, I know… rockstar.

Fit From Within by Victoria Moran

I could talk and talk for hours about Victoria, but nothing will make you love her more than listening to her speak about her passion for veganism, food, health, and the animals. Her eloquence and the way she feels so approachable and relatable, make this wonderful speech (and others I’m linking to below) a complete treat and inspiration.

Victoria Moran speaking at the Atlanta Veg Fest

She is also the founder of Mainstreet Vegan Academy, a complete certification program dedicated to forming vegan lifestyle coaches and educators in New York City, taught by Victoria herself, along with experts from the fields of animal advocacy, the law, medicine, nutrition, food and cooking, fashion, business and more.

After singing her praises and numbering just a few of her many accomplishments, I realize I haven’t told you what I think is so unique about Victoria. She is a kind, whole hearted person who has lived a vegan life with so much grace and understanding towards others, that it has made me into a better activist, and has injected a way of doing advocacy through love that I will never be grateful enough for. Thank you Victoria!

Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life – my relationships, how I relate to the world.

– Victoria Moran

Thank you so much for stopping by today and helping us celebrate this incredible rockstar. Here is Victoria Moran everybody:


Mainstreet Vegan


Online: Mainstreet Vegan (or search for Mainstreet Vegan on iTunes or your favorite pod catcher).

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching and Education Program

Mainstreet Vegan Academy

Public Speaking

Speech at the Madison Veg Fest Part 1

Speech at the Madison Veg Fest Part 2

Speech at the Atlanta Veg Fest

Victoria Moran on her book ‘The Love Powered Diet’


Browse all of her 11 books with number 12 on the way here, including best-selling books “Creating a Charmed Life” and “The Love Powered Diet”








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