Rockstar Series Presents: The Spork Sisters!

Spork Foods onlne vegan cooking classes

You knew it was coming! It’s finally time for another one of our Vegan Rockstars to make an appearance in the blog! ‘Rockstar Series Presents’ was created to share with you the amazing men and women out there not only making a difference for the animals, our planet and our health, but that have made resources or products that are just too amazing to pass up! Today, we are celebrating and introducing you to our most recent rockstars, and they come in the form of two beautiful and talented sisters. Meet Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg, referred to as “The Spork Sisters” at  our house, and creators of the most comprehensive online vegan cooking school out there, Spork Online.

You have no idea how much I’ve had to hold my tongue about these two awesome ladies until now. The reason being, I was planning on sending it as a gift to a very special vegan who is a frequent reader of our blog, and who would have undoubtably purchased it on the spot after reading this post, stealing my chance for the perfect gift. It was finally her birthday yesterday, so now I can talk about the Spork sisters ’til the cows come home (for tea that is!). Online vegan cooking classes

I know we have all had that experience of going into a bookstore, finding what we consider to be the most perfect cookbook on Earth, all shiny, glossy, with perfect photos of incredible food. We pick it up, pay for it, and browse it on our way home, vowing to make at least half of the wonderful recipes. ‘This time I’ll do it since this IS the perfect cookbook’, we all say. We get home, go through it, dog-ear some pages, buy some ingredients, make a couple of recipes and then, eventually, to the dusty shelf it goes. Sound familiar? When I ‘met’ the Spork sisters, and decided to buy their online cooking classes, I broke this pattern with a sturdy ‘kapow!’. The truth is, I have never used, reused and devoured a cooking resource as much as this one. If it were a cookbook it would have gravy stains all over it, recipes would be memorized and it would probably be falling apart. Perhaps it’s the easy to find ingredients, or the fact that these beautiful girls have veganized every comfort food on the planet, or maybe it’s their incomprehensible knowledge of food, health and even the history behind cooking techniques and ingredients, but I’ve kept coming back to it again and again. ‘No one bother me… I’m taking my cooking class!’

The online platform for this cooking school is so simple to navigate and use. You can find full, one hour classes with a complete vegan menu, break these classes up into individual dishes, and even print out the recipe for easy access while you’re cooking. They have such a lovely way of teaching and the format of the videos feels so approachable you’ll find yourself thinking you’re in their LA kitchen cooking up a vegan storm. You’ve heard me recommend The 30 Day Vegan Challenge as an absolute must-have online program, Spork Online is now sharing its prime spot. If you’re interested in improving your vegan cooking, learning how to cook from zero to hero, or want to dabble your toes in vegan waters trying out some veg dishes for the first time, you will be hooked.

Spork online cooking classes

Yeah, you know what time it is. Time to tell you about the food right? Just so you don’t think I’m lying when I tell you I use Spork Online almost daily, I’m not only including the names of some of the dishes they teach you how to make, but I’m sharing the photos of how my recipes turned out! (Their’s are much prettier of course!) Let’s get to it shall we?

You’ll learn how to make:

– A complete Italian feast including pistachio pesto pasta, tomato and olive brusquetta, crispy seitan scaloppini with a mushroom red wine sauce, and pecan biscotti for dessert (not shown).

Spork online review

– Asian ginger, mustard and lemon glazed tempeh.

Spork online review

– Black bean and corn chilli with delicious toppings, and drumroll please…. homemade scallion bear bread for dipping!

Vegan chilli Spork Online review

– ‘Funfetti’ baked doughnuts. I went crazy and made all sorts of toppings, which shows you the difference between a recipe and an actual class!

Spork Foods

– Crispy almond crusted tofu with a delicious dipping sauce.

Vegan recipes

– The perfect guide to homemade pizza! Including Mediterranean spelt pizza, smoky tempeh bacon barbecue pizza, and my twist based on what they taught in the class: mushroom, onion and basil pizza, caprese pizza with cherry tomatoes and wild mushroom pizza with truffle oil (not shown). The sky is the limit after you take classes at Spork.

Spork foods online Vegan online resources

– Vegan cobb salad.

Vegan blog

– Crispy tofu with a citrus dipping sauce.

Cooking tofu

– Barbecue delights which include: coconut crusted tofu and veggie skewers, bayou coleslaw and grilled maple-chipotle corn on the cob with a lemony herb butter!

Spork online review What do vegans eat

– Not to mention the best thing that has happened in our kitchen: the most incredible, and totally vegan loaded potato skins.

Vegan potato skins

– Other classes include traditional Greek dishes, California style tacos, Chinese goodies, an ode to Provence, All-American classics, Holiday meals, sushi, amazing brunch ideas (including how to make vegan nutella!), brownie and peanut butter bites, cookies, cheesecake, and so many others.

These girls have seriously done it all, and in my book, there’s no better form of activism than the one done in a love filled vegan kitchen.

Don’t you just love them already?!

Take a free sample class here to start experiencing the Spork Food magic, and follow these wonderful sisters below. If you’re one of those lucky ones to live in the LA area, you can even take their in-person cooking classes!

Here are the amazing Spork Sisters of Spork Online!

Web and online cooking classes: (you can even take a free sample online cooking class!)

To book an in-person cooking class in LA:

Buy their cookbook!: Spork Fed

Facebook: Spork Foods

Twitter: @sporkfoods

Instagram: @sporkfoods







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