Brownble: A Sneak Peek into our Top Secret Project!


I always love spending time here with you. Writing a post, even when life is crazy busy like it is right now, is always a total treat. There are some posts however, that get me so excited and emotional I kind of choke up a little bit as I think of your reading them. Today is one of those days.

You’ve heard me tease and tease and torture you about our top secret project for a few months now, and we’re finally ready to tell you about it! It’s so strange to be showing you what I’m about to show you, and to be getting so close to our launch date. It was over a cup of coffee over Christmas (yes! this past Christmas!) that this project came into our heads like a bulldozer. Of course, when I look back at it now it was years in the making, and you are a great big part of it. This process has taught me so much about perseverance and hard work, not to mention false beliefs and the roadblocks we put in front of ourselves sometimes. It has taught me that when you want something you just need to push through and make it happen. Push through the fear, self doubt and worry, and run forward without looking back. This is going to be the topic of our next post, but let me just say, that in this whole process I have had the wisest teacher by my side. He is the co-creator of what you’re about to see, my best friend, and a total yoda-like creature when it comes to believing in yourself, not judging the work until it’s done, and then pushing forward no matter what. He also happens to be married to me! Babe, if you’re reading this, none of the excitement, thrill, tears, laughs or giddy excitement of the past few months could have been possible without you. Not to mention the project itself! But sometimes the ride is just as fun and as important as what’s at the end of the tunnel. Out of all the years we’ve been together (15 in total!) there has never been a more fun, loving and exiliarating time in my life.

Ok, enough with the love fest. I can tell him all that stuff in person, it’s just not as fun because he won’t turn bright red or feel as embarrassed! (wink!). Without further ado, may I present… Brownble.

Brownble, coming this Fall!

Vegan pancakes at Brownble, coming this Fall!Brownble, coming this Fall!

Begin your Brownble journey by visiting our brand new youtube channel and start with our Welcome video for a little teaser! You can also enjoy your very first glimpse into our project with a delicious recipe for BBQ black bean and portobello mushroom sliders and oven fries. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so much more is on its way, and it will be coming to you THIS FALL!

Very soon you’ll get to see more and more of what Brownble entails. Once you’ve watched our little teaser, and you’ve seen a little glimpse, you can click here (and sign up through our pop up box) to sign up for our email list and you’ll be the first to know when Brownble goes live. We’ll also be giving you a ton of free goodies as Fall rolls in, so make sure you’re signed up and we’ll keep you posted!

You can also follow us on social media! We’ll be dripping out some content and lots of sneak peeks from now until our launch date (and rocking’ content coming after that too!). Click the buttons below to find us on your favorite social media platforms:

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Want to check out even more? Take a peak in what will be our rocking’ headquarters!

Brownble, coming this Fall!

Healthy oven fries at Brownble, coming this Fall!BrownbleVegan salads, Brownble, coming this Fall!BrownbleBrownble

Ok, so we’re getting hungry! All that’s left to talk about before you head on out to explore our little project that could, is what is going to happen to this blog. Here’s the short answer: nothing! Your favorite posts will still keep on coming, only they are moving house to the new website once Fall arrives. Until then we’ll keep you busy here in the last few months of the blog at the Little Green Kettle address. The great news is, almost all of our content is migrating to the new site too! So you’ll still have the new and improved posts, plus a selection of your usual favorites, all in the same place, at the brownble website. Don’t worry, everything will become clear once the date approaches. We are selecting our favorite content and leaving some posts out of the mix, just to make it easier and simpler when the move is finalized, so just in case a favorite recipe of yours or a favorite piece of content or link doesn’t get on the moving truck, feel free to print, download, and save any post you want to. Most of our posts will be right there waiting for you when you join us at Brownble.

Can you feel the excitement yet? We’re jumping up and down over here and we can’t thank you enough for being with us all these years. We’ll be with you every step of the way while this transition unfolds and for many years after.

2 responses to “Brownble: A Sneak Peek into our Top Secret Project!

  1. Wow, how exciting! You and the food both look gorgeous. Out of curiosity, where did the name “Brownble” come from?

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