Life at the Little Green Kettle: Summer Cooking, Life On the Set and A Day at ‘the Beach’!

Vegan peanut butter and jelly cookies at brownble

It’s time for another one of those little Life at the Little Green Kettle recaps! The Fall is coming, and with it we move to our new site and HQ, Brownble. Which means these little recaps might be changing their names soon! I still can’t believe we’re almost there, and we’re close to unveiling this baby we’ve been working so hard on for months now. It truly feels like a baby to us since it has quite literally been a labor of love between my husband and I. We’ve been working so hard, and I can’t wait for all of you to see it and especially have the blog move over to the new address where we can start getting super comfy. In the meantime I’m showing you some pics and sharing some stories. This has been one amazing summer so far, and it’s not over yet! By the end of this post you’ll see a ton of food pics from my final adventures as a cooking school student at Rouxbe, some behind the scenes pics from our set, you’ll hear about the ‘oh so vegan’ moment I had while shooting last weekend, an oh so cool vegan friendly restaurant in Barcelona, a very big piece of news from our family life, and a day to remember, beach style. Ready?!

First I have to tell you that in spite of the fact that our kitchen has turned into an oven with this summer heat, there has been a lot of cooking going on and especially recipe testing! Take a look… My favorite recipe so far? Pb & J dot cookies (photo above!) I know right?!

Vegan greek mezze at brownbleCreamy vegan mac and cheese at brownbleBuddha bowl at brownbleHow to make overnight oatsSuper healthy fettuccine alfredo at brownble

I can also happily announce that I’m officially plant-based certified by Rouxbe! It was the most grueling and tough course I’ve ever done, especially when juggling it with work, life, Brownble, exercising, walking the doggies and cooking. The relief and excitement was huge after I handed in my last assignment. I have to tell you however, that it was an incredible experience. It’s so comprehensive and serious business. There’s a reason it’s a professional plant-based certification course. It was hard but I did it! What an amazing ride…Here are a few of my favorite dishes from the course.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course our life has revolved around the kitchen and the brownble set these past few months, especially this summer. I can’t wait to show you! We’re also preparing a very sweet gift for all of our email subscribers which has the cutest story EVER, attached to it! We decided to film the videos for the gift on location, and after long walks under the blazing sun, we finally found a spot that worked. Halfway through the video, a bunny… yes, a bunny, jumps out of some bushes and starts hopping away in the background. It doesn’t get any more vegan than that I tell you!

Vegan online program brownble coming this fall

Here I was recipe testing different salad dressings for our little gift to you and now I’m in desperate need for someone to come and eat some salads or take some of these leftovers home! If you haven’t subscribed to our new email list yet, you can do so here! I’m so excited about what we’ll be sending you hopefully by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


vegan simple salad dressings

We’ve been filming away around here and you can catch our latest sneak peeks in our youtube channel too!

Vegan online program brownble coming this fallVegan online program brownble coming this fall

Last weekend we also took a flash trip to Barcelona for a wedding/reunion with family and friends which was so wonderful in spite of how short it was! It’s amazing how no matter how long it’s been since seeing old friends, it takes seconds to be right back where you left off. Our awesome cousins also took us to this amazing vegan friendly restaurant ‘Flax and Kale’ for brunch. It’s not entirely vegan but it has many vegan options and the place is just beyond beautiful! Believe it or not. we were so impressed when the food came that I forgot to take a picture of it! We had a tempeh and vegan cheddar cheese bagel with tomato and arugula, a vegan croissant with homemade fig jam, lots of soy lattes, and the best part, a crazy delicious pear, banana and chocolate muffin. Yowza! I did take a pic of the beautiful decor for you though!

Flax and Kale, vegan friendly restaurant in Barcelona

We then came back home to more scorching hot days in Madrid, and decided to take a little road trip to one of the several lakes we have near Madrid with natural beaches around them. I was not prepared for how special this one-day trip was going to be. We packed some no-egg salad bagels, chips, homemade iced tea and chocolate chip cookies (all of these recipes will be a part of our online program come the fall), we got the dogs and ourselves into the car and headed out. Look at those smiles!


To see Vega swimming with her daddy (Mr. hubby) in the water for the first time, and Nala hunting for any little piece of shade she could find (she loves to people watch but doesn’t like the sun all that much). I’ll never forget this day. It reminded me of being a kid at the beach where I grew up. Playing in the water with the dogs until my mom called us for lunch, aka the picnic we always packed. Sometimes time just stands still and you can see and feel everything. This was one of those magical days for me.


Now we’re back in business and it’s work, work, work mode again. We’re preparing so many things for you I can’t even begin to tell you! For more behind the scenes and sneak peeks you can now follow us on Instagram @brownble and also on Snapchat: brownble”. One more thing… I believe I’ve saved the best for last:

I became an auntie of two adorable little ones three weeks ago! I haven’t met them in person but I love them so much already. Especially their mamma, who has been like a sister to me in spite of the fact that I’m totally stealing her from my husband. She has been my best friend, my pal, my confidant, my sister, my family, for over 15 years now. To see her holding her babies and become a mom was one of the greatest presents ever. I’m so so proud of you mamma bear!

IMG_7051 (1)

I’ll see you next week with more everyone! I hope you got a little glimpse into what I’ve been up to, and I hope your summer is also full of blissful adventures.

IMG_7306 2

3 responses to “Life at the Little Green Kettle: Summer Cooking, Life On the Set and A Day at ‘the Beach’!

  1. Great to see you looking so happy. I’m looking forward to the little surprise gift. Oh, and PB&J cookies! Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of THAT before?!

    • Thanks Wendy!!! I hope you liked the gift we sent out! The cookies are amazing! The recipe is coming soon 🙂 Can’t wait for your next post!

      • I did! I’ve printed out both PDFs and will keep them on hand for easy reference. New post is coming soon!

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