Brownble is live! A special tearful message from me to you…

New vegan website and online programI can’t believe the day has finally arrived dear readers. The project we have been working on day and night for months has finally made its first steps into the world. Our little baby Brownble is officially live and up and running!

If you’ve spent the last few weeks away from Little Green Kettle you might not know what’s been going on around here. We have been working non-stop on a new project called Brownble (you can read more about it in other posts here and here). Brownble is our brand new website, it’s the new HQ for the continuation of this blog. It also houses our brand new online membership program. We created Brownble as a complete resource for anyone who wants to learn how to cook vegan food and transform their kitchen and cooking experience. We want to show you how delicious, amazing and simple vegan cooking can be, and of course we’ll be covering all issues, from cooking, getting organized, recipes, meal planning and more, to veganism, game changers, the challenges and fun of embarking on your own vegan path, and much more. Here’s the kicker. We’re doing it in HD video! You know me, I love writing and I will continue to do so even more than I do now, in our new blog, but there’s something so special about video, and video will be the cornerstone of our online membership program. Even though we might be miles away from each other, you’ll have me right there with you. There’s something so special about that.

Some of you have written to ask me what will happen to our blog, and if everything is being merged into a payed online membership. Brownble will have something for everyone. You can browse our free stuff section for free videos we’ll be posting, you can follow us on social media for more free content, you can join our newsletter which is a great place to receive goodies from us, and of course we will have our blog. Our blog will of course continue, only with a new and improved format, more pictures, video integration (YES!!!), new post series, as well as the usual lovely chats we’ve had over here throughout the years. And yes, our blog is and will always remain completely free. Brownble will also house our little baby, our payed online membership program, all in Full HD video, where we teach you everything you need to know on cooking vegan and getting your meal planning and kitchen organized, we give you kitchen tips, tons of recipes, quick fixes for your daily meal planning and so much more. You can check out more about those features here, but what I want today besides giving you the great news that we’re live, is to give you a very heartfelt and slightly tearful message straight from me to you.


Straight from me to YOU…

YOU… the person who has been reading Little Green Kettle since day 1 or day 5 or day 500. You who have commented, shared your stories with me and with our readers. You, who took a piece of your precious time to read my posts, follow us on social media, and send me those beautiful emails I get with your stories and questions. You, who always respected my or other readers’ opinions and allowed this to be such a nice space to hang out in. You who have taken the road less travelled and made changes, however small or enormous they might be, to help the lives of animals, that of our planet and to help your own health and well-being. You made these past few years a complete and total treat for me. You gave me my voice, you made me an activist, you made me a better cook, a better woman, a better person inside and out. I say “inside” because you made me feel such a huge part of this community of ours, and I say “out” because I’ve never smiled so much in my life as I have in these last few years. You inspired me, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I know it seems silly to be tearful as I write this and as we say goodbye to the Little Green Kettle, when all we’re really saying is let’s get this party started all over again over at Brownble, but it feels like we’ve been “chatting” over here for so long, it felt only right to honor that a little, and say goodbye.

Thank you, for being a part of my life for these past few years, I feel truly blessed and grateful.

Ok, happy tears are wiped… are you ready to start our new adventure?

Click here to visit the new home of our new blog. I can’t wait to see you inside and continue on this journey with you. I’ll see you inside!

 Brownble, a new online membership program on how to cook vegan recipes

2 responses to “Brownble is live! A special tearful message from me to you…

  1. This is so exciting! I know it must be a very emotional day for you. I hope this launch is epic! I just shared on FB and Twitter.

    • Wendy thank you so much! It still is emotional, but I’m so happy to be writing now in the new blog with fresh new content and a new look! New beginnings are always so exciting!

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