Little Green KettleHi everyone! It’s hard to tell the story about how and why this blog came to be. I’d probably need to sit here for hours (which I love to do but won’t put you through!), so I’ll let you gradually read all about it in our posts.

To sum it up, I’m an English teacher by day. By night, or dawn, or morning, or midday, I’m a serious lover of food, art, cooking, yoga, gardening, animals and people who are making a difference (yup! that’s right they exist!). I was a serious meat eater for years, and after a long time of researching, reading and lots of crying (not because of the loss of meat I can tell you that!), I finally decided to go full on veggie. I can tell you I received nothing of what I was expecting: cravings, fatigue, feeling strange, feeling I could never again go to a restaurant with friends. What I did receive, I was not expecting, AT ALL! This crazy, fun, emotional and joyous ride is what finally made me sit down to write this blog, something I’ve been cooking up in my head for years! So, here it is. I won’t keep you now with too many details, trust me, you’ll have plenty to read as the weeks go by, but here’s a little sneak peek of what will be coming your way in this Little Green Kettle.

– Tons and tons of full on recipes that will fill you to your heart’s content, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or a non vegetarian.

– Quick off the shelf menu ideas that you can assemble in a couple of minutes and that require no measuring or hours on the stove.

– Great links and articles related to the subjects of sustainability, doing our part, volunteering and simply finding our wellness and bliss.

– Updates from my very own veggie patch and great gardening tips from, well, the actual experts!

– Posts on yoga, meditation and wellness, including links to practices you can do at home.

– Special guest posting featuring topics related to physical and mental health, nutrition and wellness by some amazing collaborators.

– Articles and posts on the amazing changes and efforts going on all around us to help our communities, our animals and our beautiful blue planet.

– ‘Super support’ to anyone going on a veggie path, and to any others that simply wish to make some changes, as small as they might be (yup! you heard me, every single action and effort counts).

– Beautiful pictures, heart warming stories (and some sad ones too).

– Little glimpses inside my veggie life and this road less travelled I keep insisting on going on, time and time again. What’s up with that?!

IMG_3183A little disclaimer, the posts and articles you’ll find in the Little Green Kettle will always come from a loving place. The intention is never to preach, simply to share and maybe even inspire! This blog is written for YOU, the vegetarian or vegan that is treading so lightly on the Earth and wishes to continue on this path, AND FOR YOU, the non vegetarian who wants to eat more healthfully, learn about how our actions impact the world we live in, and who simply wants to indulge in some amazing veggie dishes! So enjoy, dive in and lets get to it shall we?!


This blog is written in loving memory of Aly and Jini. Aly, my best friend, the original tea kettle owner who taught me how to cook, I’m not sure you’d like the no steak thing but I know you’d love to come over for dinner. Jini, my mother, the true superstar of my life and the eternal activist. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful creatures that roam the Earth, including of course the doggies I’ve been (and am) so blessed to cuddle next to, to my friends who have been my family (yeah… you know who you are), to Gaby who lit the first candle and continues to inspire me, and to my sidekick in life, my hubby Carlos, who handles every left turn I spring on him (without warning), with absolute patience, grace, love and laughter.  This blog gives special thanks to my friend Rachel, who showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and changed my life, how can I ever repay? This blog is written for you, whoever you are, I am so grateful that you’re taking the time to hang around and listen.

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  2. Simplicity is beauty and beauty is simplicity, nothing more, nothing less; and simplicity is also the keynote of all true elegance. Oscar Wilde and Coco Chanel were oh! so right, Kim.

  3. Kim querida, me honra haberte conocido y estar cerca de tu vida…esta nueva y hermosa experiencia solo hace que el mundo conozca quién eres: un ser especial…cuenta con mi apoyo siempre…

  4. Maria, no te puedo explicar lo que significa para mi un comentario como ese viniendo de ti! Que increíblemente especial has sido conmigo siempre, te quiero…

  5. Visita no planificada…llego por si sola…con una lagrima en mis ojos…recordando a mi querida hermana..que bien la extraño

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