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Must see movies at Little Green Kettle


Welcome to ‘I feel like watching’, our ever changing ‘movie theater’ where we’ll share all our video recommendations relate to the topics we discuss at the Little Green Kettle. Come back inside from time to time because we’re constantly adding new suggestions and links (we’ll mark new footage as such so that you don’t have to go through the whole list again). You can also read a brief description of each movie or video and we’ll be adding the links to the trailers really soon so stay tuned. Is your popcorn ready?


A little note on some of the films and videos on going vegan. Some of the footage I recommend below includes actual scenes from the meat dairy and egg industries that might be difficult to watch (the contents of each film are specified in each description below). In most cases they are brief segments in the midst of other extremely important information and a brief warning precedes it in the footage. If you’re not ready to watch them you can pause or fast forward and watch the rest for now. That being said, it was watching the images that brought me to a full state of awakening and made me change my life. It is completely up to you, but I would like to leave you with this quote which always helps me when I feel resistance (and I still do every time):

“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.” – Gretchen Wyler

Must see movies about veganism, our health and animal rights

– Forks over Knives: A movie on the negative health aspects of eating a meat and dairy centered diet that will flip your world upside down. If there’s one movie I think should be required for anyone who eats meat it’s this one. Truly powerful, informative and simply mind boggling.

– Vegucated: An attempt to turn three New York meat lovers into vegans while discussing the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ vegan to wonderful detail. Together with Forks Over Knives, this movie made me the happy vegan I am today. Contains some strong footage but is profoundly powerful because of it.

Earthlings: The most comprehensive movie on animal cruelty and all the industries that take part in it including the pet industry, entertainment industries, pharmaceutical and apparel industries, and of course the food industry. Contains very strong footage, but all you need to do is be brave and it will possibly change your life forever. It has been the tipping point for many vegans around the world including our dear Ellen DeGeneres.Movies about going vegan

– Blackfish: A film about the orca Tillicum kept in captivity at Sea World, and the repercussions of keeping orca whales and other animals in captivity, to both humans and of course the ones that suffer most, the animals. A true powerhouse and a great way to approach watching animal rights films if you’re just beginning.       New!

 Speciesism: Go with its creator on a hunt for the truth about where animals for food are raised and killed, as he talks to the communities that surround these places, the owners of factory farms and more as he delves into what speciesism really means, and how we seem to defend the rights of some animals and prefer to ignore others.        New!

– The Ghosts in Our Machine: An emotionally powerful film following activist and photographer Jo-Ann McArthur for one year as she shows us the faces of the individual animals that suffer the consequences of our food, clothing and research industries. The film gives us a first hand look at why we have separated animals into the ones we keep as companions, the wildlife we admire, and the animals we never want to think about: The Ghosts in Our Machine.     New!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 4.36.28 PM


– The Cove: A documentary that comes across more as a suspenseful thriller, in which animal activists try to covertly approach a secret coven Japan that holds a terrible secret far away from the public eye. An incredible inside look into Japan’s dolphin hunt culture.    New!

Peaceable Kingdom – The Journey Home: This film by Tribe of Heart takes you on a ride to meet some of the farmer’s who have been consciously awakened due to their relationship with the animals they raise for food and have come to question the system which these animals fall prey to. It explores all of the psychological, social and economic forces behind our agricultural system and consumption of animals for food, with the backdrop of the beautiful, intelligent and one of a kind animals.    New!


Must watch movies about health and wellness

Diet for a New America: Based on the incredible book by John Robbins, a comprehensive film on the impact animal product consumption has on our health, the planet, and the animals. It’s from 1992 so it might be a bit hard to find. You might just need to buy the book which is an absolute powerhouse.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead: Although not directly about veganism, it follows a very sick Australian across the US while he goes on a fruit and veggies juice fast inspiring people along the way and saving his own life as well as the lives of others.


– Vegan chef, educator and activist Colleen Patrick Goudreau: From Excuse-itarian to Vegan

– Activist Gary Yourofsky at Georgia Tech

– Activist Phillip Wollen at The Wheeler Center Debate: Animals should be off the menu (segment)

– The Wheeler Center Debate: Animals should be off the menu (full debate)

– Actress, writer and activist Alicia Silverstone at Google talking about veganism and her book The Kind Diet.

– Writer Kris Carr at the OMG Cancer Summit     New!

– Writer and activist Victoria Moran at the Madison Vegan Fest (Part 1)      New!

– Writer and activist Victoria Moran at the Madison Vegan Fest (Part 2)     New!

– Dr. Michael Greger MD on the leading causes of death in the US  New!

– Dr. Michael Greger MD on Combating Common Diseases through diet     New!

– Melanie Joy, author of Why We Love dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows in this increible speech about the term she has coined as carnism.   New!


– Yoga teacher Shiva Rea at the Wanderlust festival talking about sustainability and the conservation of our energy resources.

– Yoga teacher Seane Corn talking about activism in a very profound and personal way, and sharing her awesome Organization ‘Off the Mat into the World’ with us.

PODCASTS ON GOING VEGAN         New Section!

There are so many amazing vegan podcasts out there. Below you’ll find my personal favorites, the ones I come back to again and again, and I’m constantly updating the list! Listen to a few and find the ones you like. Remember you can listen directly via iTunes or download them to your listening device from there, or listen online through the links I’ve provided below!

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 12.00.09 AM

Vegetarian Food for Thought  hosted by Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Mainstreet Vegan hosted by Victoria Moran

Big Fat Vegan Radio hosted by Laura Yaz and Honey LaBronx (a.k.a Ben Strothmann)

Our Hen House hosted by Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan

vegan podcasts

Team Earthling hosted by Stevie and Luc

Vegan Snack Attack  hosted by Jon Wiener

Red Radio hosted by Erin Red

The Vegan Option hosted by Ian McDonald


Movies about yoga

– Enlighten Up: An avid yogini convinces a secular and proof oriented journalist to begin an intense practice of yoga in the search of enlightenment and the true meaning of yoga. Will he find it? It’s a little gem of a movie we’ll be talking about soon in the blog. It’s also my favorite movie about yoga at the moment.

Titans of Yoga: Great in depth interviews of the most renowned yoga teachers in the West. A great movie to watch if you’re starting out and need some guidance and understanding as to what yoga is and all the practices that exist today.

– Ashtanga New York: The incredibly special 4 week course that Patthabi Jois, the grandfather of Ashtanga yoga, teaches in New York City right in the midst of the September 11th terrorist attacks. A great window into the Ashtanga yoga practice and how yoga helped heal the students at a New York yoga shala.

Movies on yogaYoga is: The personal journey of a woman who begins a yoga practice to overcome loss and grief. Another great glimpse into the world of yoga and a look at both Eastern and Western teachers and practices.


Movies about wellness and the quest for happiness: Finding Joe

Finding Joe: A very special documentary that talks about man’s quest for happiness through the work of mythology expert Joseph  Campbell. I cannot recommend this movie enough!

Miss Representation: The media, women's rights and our place in the worldMiss Representation: An eye opening film about the media’s portrayal of women and our own perception of women’s rights, and their power and position in the world. An absolute must see if you’re a woman or if you’re a father or mother to either boys or girls.

Thanks for coming to the movies with us! A little quote to tide you over until next time:

“Oh how Shakespeare would have loved cinema!” -Derek Jarman, Dancing Ledge

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  1. Thank you for the list of movies and talks. I have seen some and heard about your site from Victoria Moran. Love that you have made it easy to find other information. I will be back to visit. Thank you.

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